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Incredible wildlife & wilderness adventures for the camera, paddle, heart & soul - to some of the most remote Arctic & sub-Arctic regions of Canada's Far North


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Join Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures for spectacular environmentally-considerate wildlife viewing & natural history expeditions to Canada's remote northern wilderness. See migrating caribou, wild wolves, musk-oxen, fox and birds-of-prey in the true wild. Based from comfortable & catered remote wildlife camps positioned at key water crossings and traditional den areas, travel with us to Arctic & sub-Arctic Canada for incredible wilderness adventures and photo workshops under the dancing northern lights or the mystical midnight sun!

Meet some of our past clients & trip leaders, check out their photo displays and stories about their trips with us...

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Story of the Month!
Professional photographer David Olson traveled from the USA to join our autumn musk-ox and northern lights expedition to northern Canada.
Click on photo to check out David's photo essay about his trip with us...

David Olson

Stuart Bell

Wendy Broekx

Barry Girard

Ron Burmeister

Lee Mann - photo copyright Annika Broden
Lee Mann

The Baenders

Dr. David Mech - photo copyright IWC
 Dr. Dave Mec

George Archibald

Photo copyright Art Wolfe Inc.
Art Wolfe

Photo copyright Mountain Light Photography
Galen Rowell

Bill Mullins a-smiling on the tundra - photo courtesy Beverley & Allan Morris
Bill Mullins

Julie Yamaguchi

Glen Grambo 

Steve Barger

Adele Curtis

Photo copyright Art Wolfe Inc.
Dennis Fast

Rita Marett

Photo copyright Charlotte Richardson
Steve Maka

George Nagel

Photo copyright Art Wolfe Inc.
Alan Weisman

Andy Kammer
Scott Schrader
Scott Schrader
Photo copyright Annika Brodén
Annika Brodén
Photo copyright Art Wolfe Inc.
Christian Heeb

Photo copyright of Bill Silliker, Jr.
Bill Silliker Jr.

Lonnie Brock

Martin Haefele

Courtney Milne

Jay Dickman

Chris Crowley

Dr. Ella Trussell

Eric Peterson

Brad Armstrong

Bob Gainer

Nestor Lewyckyj

Martin Zeilig
Allicia Kelly

Terry Elliott

A. MacPherson

Noelle Tufts

Tundra Tom

Steve Lybeck

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Our 2015 Expeditions are now on-line:
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The 2014 Great Summer Caribou Migration in Nunavik, Canada

Check out our new on-line video taken last summer during the migration!

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Nothern lights display in Canada's far north

Caribou & Wolves -
The Endless Dance

Check out this wonderful BBC & Animal Planet documentary about the seasonal interaction between caribou and tundra wolves that we helped organize and guide for well-known filmmaker Jeff Turner...

The summer cariobu migration in Canada's Far North

Conde Nast Traveler

The controversial article 'Diamonds in the Wild', about the Canadian barrenlands and the potential future effects of diamond and uranium exploitation in one of our last great North American wilderness areas.

Canada's Photolife Magazine

Magazine article 'Journey into the Thelon' by the late Courtney Milne.  Wildlife, wilderness & spiritual sustenance on the fringe of North America's last great wilderness...


This remarkable photo of a barrenground caribou 'bunch' was taken by trip leader Terry Elliott on a special caribou migration wildlife expedition to Canada's Far North.

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Join us next late July and early August on a choice of departures to see the great summer caribou migration in the Canadian Far North: Check out on our special caribou migration trips!

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