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Let a 'Good Spirit' Guide You...

Incredible wildlife & wilderness adventures for the Camera, Paddle, Heart & Soul - to some of the most remote Arctic & sub-Arctic regions of Northern Canada

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Join us on a choice of remarkable environmentally-considerate wildlife viewing, photography & natural history expeditions to Canada's Far North. See the great caribou migration, wild wolves, musk-oxen herds, polar bears, birds-of-prey and fantastic northern lights!

We are offering seven special wildlife expeditions to northern
Canada in 2017 - click photos below to learn more:

Search for the Legendary Tundra Wolves
Join us on a special one-week camping expedition to seek out and observe wild tundra wolves and thier pups during the den cycle in the true wild. Also nesting birds-of-prey, fox and more.

Polar Bears, Musk-oxen, Icebergs & Seals
A special boating and camping expedition on Leaf Arm of Ungava Bay in Nunavik Canada. Encounter polar bears, muskox herds, Inuit history and fantastic coastal scenery. This area is to become Canada’s newest National Park.

The Great Summer Caribou Migration
Accompany Inuit guides on a boating and camping expedition deep into the remote Ungava Peninsula of Nunavik to encounter the great caribou migration of the Leaf River Herd - the largest caribou herd remaining in North America.

Mingle with Musk-ox
Join us on a five-day economical camping expedition in Nunavik to encounter musk-oxen herds on the remote tundra. Also birds-of-prey, fox and incredible Arctic coastal scenery.

Leaf River Canoe Expedition
A ten day fly-in canoe expedition on the remote Leaf River in Nunavik Canada to encounter migrating caribou, wolves, musk-ox, birds-of-prey and awesome Arctic scenery.

Musk-ox, Autumn Colors & Aurora
Our most popular expedition, join us on a fly-in camping trip in Nunavik to encounter musk-oxen herds on the tundra, beautiful autumn colors and haunting displays of northern lights!

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