*Please note that our committed trip leader assignments are usually decided upon in the months of April & May prior to each operating season.

The North has always been, and probably always will be, a meeting place for unlikely characters.

Throughout circumpolar history, many a famous alliance – both holy and less savory – have been established around remote campfires, in musky trappers’ cabins, on the steps of trading posts, and the dark corners of northern pubs.

People who meet as strangers in the isolated climes share the common bond of the immensity of the northern experience, and usually become fast friends for life.

Knowing this, we at Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures nurture each and every guest with the confidence that we will become good friends … forever.

‘Tundra’ Tom

Owner-Operator / bush pilot / lead guide / field logistics manager / ex-outhouse hole digger … he washes dishes sometimes, too! Following in the legacy of his father, this will be Tom’s 46th year working as a bush pilot, guide, operator, and field manager throughout northern Canada.

Trip Leader Steve Lybeck

Having been working and partners with the Faess family tourism enterprises in both the NWT and Ontario, Steve Lybeck is one of Tundra Tom’s peers and life-long friends.

A wonderful naturalist, Steve has guided for us in the Arctic on and off for over 40 years, and we are blessed again to have him back!