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David Ward
Sustainability & Lighting Professional, Musician, and Avid Photographer

All photographs on this webpage copyrighted 2017 by David Anderson Ward Imagery

“As a member of the Hillsborough (NJ) Digital Photography Society, I became aware of Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures in the fall of 2016. After visiting their website I became more than intrigued. So I gave Tundra Tom a call and he graciously provided all the information I needed to make this trip a reality. As August 2017 rapidly approached, I made all my preparations for what turned out to be one of the most amazing adventures I’ve ever experienced - one that both exceeded every expectation and provided insights I never knew existed before. The itinerary, the team Tom assembled, the food we ate (excellent!), and the way they took care of everything was all first rate and made for a tremendous, safe, and very memorable trip to the Far North that none of us will ever forget!”

“While this trip was called, ‘Polar Bears, Musk Ox, Icebergs & Seals’, we were honestly told, right from the start, they could not ‘guarantee’ we would see any animals. After all, this is the wild, not a zoo! Of course, they were optimistic - and they certainly know their stuff! Everyone in our group understood and accepted this and we all agreed that whatever we saw would be a bonus in this amazing place. I firmly believe that because of our group’s enthusiastic, awe-struck positive attitude, we got to see everything we came to see and so much more!”



“After arriving in Kuujjuaq, Quebec (991 miles north of Montreal), Tundra Tom picked us up at the airport and brought us to our hotel. We even went to the annual Aaqpik Jam Music Festival that night!"



"The next day, before our flight on Air Inuit to Tasiujaq - a smaller Inuit village northwest of Kuujjuaq, Tom and his friend Allen showed us around Kuujjuaq and also saw Allen’s amazing husky dogteam with their new, unbearably cute husky puppies...”

“...and, of course, the Leader of the Pack!”

“That afternoon, we flew to Tasiujaq over the amazing tundra landscape of countless lakes, streams and rivers - if there’s a hole in the ground, it’s filled with water - crystal clear,
ice melt water.”

“We then boarded a boat captained by James, a third generation Inuit boatsman. We couldn’t have been in more capable hands as he maneuvered his way an hour and half up into Leaf Bay to our very special island."

"Leaf Bay experiences some of the highest tides in the world - that week they were 53’ every 6 hours! James handled the boat masterfully along the rocky coastline of our island and in the ever changing depths of Leaf Bay - and he was as calm as could be the entire time!”

“Once we landed, we walked up the rocks to our campsite on this totally uninhabited island, except for about 30 musk-ox!”

“I almost immediately started noticing all the incredible groundcover plants in this (what most people would consider) barren landscape. It is anything but barren. While we were above the tree line - no bushes or trees anywhere, all these diminutive plants were
thriving in this challenging environment."

"The first morning, we went on a short hike and
happened upon a small group of the island’s musk-ox. Our guide Murray masterfully led us around them to a safe location where we could safely observe them without disturbing them. We actually ate our lunches on a hillside just across from these amazing animals!”

“That afternoon, we went out in James’ boat in search of polar bears. We all would’ve been happy seeing just one in its natural environment - the first day we encountered FIVE polar bears - amazing!”

"That evening we had our second great dinner and then another very quiet, peaceful night in our very comfortable tents with no phones, no computers - very peaceful...”.


“The next morning, we went out in
the boat again, after the tides
cooperated, to try to find bearded seals.
After looking in one area unsuccessfully,
we looked in another area of Leaf Bay and
came upon one huge seal on a rock and
then two more in the water, who put on a
show for us. So graceful."

"Once again, magic in the wild.”


“After seeing these amazing bearded seals, we continued to explore the islands of Leaf Bay to see what else we could find, when James went by a cliff that he knew had a peregrine falcon nest. After just a few minutes one of the falcons shows up. To actually see one in their natural habitat was incredible!”

“On our last day, we finally had clear skies and I got up early to shoot this beautiful, calm sunrise."

"When I returned to our tent, my tent mate, Cliff, excitedly said, ‘there are musk-ox just over that hill!’, and we both went to check it out."

“and boys will be boys!”

“After another great breakfast, we all went on a long hike. On a very high point on our island I shot this panorama, which still doesn’t do this island justice. While up that high, we spotted icebergs in the distance out on Ungava Bay. After lunch we ventured out for our last boat adventure. We saw one more polar bear, but he disappeared over the hill before we could get close. Which was OK. Again, it IS the wild.

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"So we headed out to Ungava Bay and
found an iceberg stuck on the end of a
small island. James maneuvered us to
within 100 yards of this 5 story tall iceberg
that literally took everyone’s breath away!”

“Then, that evening, after another great dinner made for us by Murray and Mariela, we were treated to this amazing sunset..."




"...followed up by an amazing aurora borealis display across the entire sky that none of us will ever forget!”





“An incredible way to end an amazing week in the Far North!”

"Our crew - Murray, Mary, Joyce, Jacob, Paul, Caroline, Cliff, David, and Mariela."

“I can’t say enough how tremendous this trip was. To be able to be on a completely uninhabited island at the top of the world (well, almost) with all these really great people AND to see and experience everything we did - I can’t say enough how tremendous this really was. Thanks Tom, Allen, Murray, Mariela, James & Poppy for giving all of us a trip of lifetime!”

- David Ward
Hillsborough, NJ, USA



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