Caribou & Wolves - The Endless Dance

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= This wildlife docmentary is 47 minutes in duration.


In 2003 & 2004, Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures hosted well-known Canadian filmmaker Jeff Turner and his assistant Paul Zakora on a two-year film project for BBC and Animal Planet called ‘Caribou & Wolves – the Endless Dance’.

We are very proud to say that bush pilot and wildlife guide 'Tundra Tom' along with his field team including wildlife guide Terry Elliott and pilot Brad Connell helped organize the field logistics, and then outfitted, guided and flew Jeff Turner around the mainland Arctic for the making of this film. Most of the great summer and autumn caribou migration footage were taken from our locations and utilizing our aircraft, and most of the wolf den footage was shot at our remote wildlife camps on the Canadian tundra. We took them to several wild wolf den sites, as well as right into the heart of the great summer caribou migration. Jeff got some awesome footage: with several grizzlies coming in to a remote water crossing to feed on some caribou whose legs had gotten stuck between boulders in the water of a remote tundra river. Earlier that spring, Jeff also got some high quality wolf pup footage with us on the upper Thelon valley.

This documentary represents our best work as Arctic wildlife guides and bush pilots thus far...

It took Jeff two years to film this project - later in the second season he brought his wife Susan and their two kids with him, and they all stayed for a month at our Southcamp outpost cabin on the upper Thelon River to get the autumn caribou footage. It was entertaining to see them self-school the kids on-site at that remote tundra cabin. Jeff and his wife are wonderful and very talented folks to be sure.

Since the documentary was completed in 2004, the caribou herds in that region of the north decimated in population dramatically; and in 2011 we finally moved our wildlife camps and activities to the eastern side of Hudson Bay, where the caribou and wolf populations are still much stronger. Today we still guide photographers & wildlife enthusiasts to see wild wolves during the den cycle, the summer and autumn caribou migrations, musk-oxen, polar bear, birds-of-prey and northern lights in the Canadian Far North.

If you are interested in joining us to see the autumn caribou migration & northern lights in Canada's Far North this coming September, we still do have some limited space available – see www.thelon.com/caribou.htm.

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BBC Wildlife Documentary: Caribou and Wolves, The Endless Dance

'Caribou & Wolves - The Endless Dance'

   Filmmaker Jeff Turner had this to say about his work with us: 

"I have filmed wolves, caribou and grizzly bears in many areas of the Canadian Arctic over the past 15 years and I have to say that the barrenlands are without a doubt the most beautiful piece of Arctic tundra I have ever experienced. It is a world class wilderness with some of the planets most spectacular scenery and wildlife that is hard if not impossible to see anywhere else. I know of no other place where you can go and watch wild wolves around their den. Wolves are one of the most difficult animals to get close to in the wild and Tom and his crew have been doing it here for years. That says a lot about their sensitivity and success as wildlife guides. Tom and his crew at Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures are ideally placed to give access to this wonderful landscape. There is no-one with more experience and knowledge of the area and they have setup a comfortable, warm and homey camp with good food and facilities in the middle of this wilderness. They live lightly on the land here trying always to keep the imprint of man to a minimum in this pristine place. I admire and appreciate the work they do and wish them much success in the future."


Cinematographer Jeff Turner with Ecoventures on the tundra in 2003 while working on a BBC documentary
Jeff Turner
River Road Films
Princeton, BC, Canada


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