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Wildlife Guide & Field Interpreter
Terry Elliott


When we first met Terry Elliott on Vancouver Island in 1994, where he was living & working as a log builder and attempting to start his own adventure company in the mountains of the West Coast. After several meetings, the next year Terry started working first as an assistant leader on Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures whale watching trips along the west coast of Vancouver Island. Later that same summer he also began working as an assistant leader at our Arctic wildlife camps.

In the following season, Terry again tutored under 'Tundra Tom', and became a full-fledged trip leader in the NWT. Later he accomplished an advanced open ocean sea-kayak course and then spent several winters guiding sea kayak expeditions in Belize through client contacts he made while guiding for Tundra Tom. One of his primary interests remained the Arctic, and he eventually become one of our most valued interpreters and field naturalists in the 10 years he worked with us. After a three-year absense while building his home on Vancouver Island and working as a wildife guide on the Canadian west Coast, Terry again came back to work with us in 2007. His easy-going demeanor and knowledge of plants and birds has made him a favorite among our clients. His love of the Arctic and aspiration to become professional in his photography is also well demonstrated below...

Terry wrote this about his 10 years of guiding wildlife trips for us:

Northern lights on the barrens / copyright Terry Elliott



"I spent ten seasons with Tundra Tom, and each year just kept getting better and better...."



"There is something about the barrenlands that gets into your blood, something inexplicable that draws you back."


Autumn esker from the air / copyright Terry Elliott (click to enlarge!)


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"I'm fortunate enough that I get to see three seasons on the land, from the first flowers of spring through the glorious days of autumn."



"The diversity, the light, the sheer numbers that this land forces a species to create just to ensure survival are sometimes daunting -" Christie in Misty - crusin' for wolves / copyright Terry Elliott
Rare white black bear in NWT / copyright Terry Elliott (click to enlarge!)
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" but leave one knowing that there is always more to see."
"Close encounters with wolf pups in '97, the white bears of '99; and every musk-ox, fox, gyrfalcon, hare, flower, and sunset in between all give one the feeling that..."

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"..in this place, the natural world is in balance and unaffected by man"

- Terry Elliott


An old freighter canoe on the portage route between the Snowdrift and upper Thelon River - a remenant of the barrenland trappers' era of the 1930s & 1940's - photo copyright Terry Elliott



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