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Trip Leader / Biologist
Rachel Kobernick

In 2013 & 2014 we were lucky to have biologist Rachel Kobernick come north to work with us as a lead guide and field manager on our special wildife trips in Nunavik Canada. The first season she worked on our autumn caribou and musk-ox viewing trips - and it worked out great! She was one of the hardest workers I have ever met. Rachel then returned in 2014 as our main guide and field manager for the summer, that included our spring wolves viewing trips; our summer musk-ox trips; a expedition into the Ungava Peninsula to see the great summer caribou migration of the Leaf River herd - and then for our 2014 autumn trips for musk-ox, caribou and northern lights!

Rachel guiding on the Nunavik tundra

This is what Rachel had to say about her two seasons
leading wildlife trips for us in Nunavik, Canada:

Rachel watching a wolf den in Nunavik - photo copyright Paul Wolff



"I’ve been lucky that I’ve gotten to spend two seasons up north and experience so much. I’ve been to many places and done many things, but there is something utterly unique and immeasurably beautiful about the tundra. These are experiences that will stay with me:"





"-Spending hours photographing lichen and moss, not moving more than 10 yards in total. Enjoying the tundra’s beauty on a macro setting, playing with colors and textures, and of course eating all the blueberries I could find once I was done photographing them."



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"Taking a nap in a cluster of birch bushes and being woken up by the thundering hooves of a herd of caribou passing on either side during the great summer migration..."



"Hearing the bleating of young newborn calves trying to keep up with their mothers while crossing rivers..,"







"and the kluk kluk kluk kluk of hundreds of animals emerging from the water and walking across stone and gravel beaches."




"our shock when a herd of caribou crested the hill and entered the valley where we were stalking muskox. Eagerly photographing the standoff between brazen caribou and large muskox bulls determined to not let them pass"

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"- Slithering on my belly up over a rise, and discovering a muskox herd!"




Photo copyright Beth Davidow - all rights reserved



"...Our silence as we watch calves walk by...."






"The roar of the male as he takes off chasing the eligible females, looking more like a running tassel than one of the oldest species still alive on this planet."






" - The pride in watching an eyrie of peregrine chicks grow up from white fuzzballs to young adults learning to fly..."







"And the amusement when learning to fly becomes hourly dog fights between four younglings clawing each other midair, dive bombing, and learning to catch prey."







"- The surprise of after two weeks trying to see wolves, we spot one across the lake while sitting down for dinner!"




"Then later, on the summer caribou migration expedition - A once in a lifetime sighting of a wolf hunting a caribou to rival any documentary"

"Sitting silent all day to gain the trust of a golden eagle to observe and capture that one amazing photograph."




"- My awe every single time we see an aurora. There is something about the aurora borealis that captures the imagination..."




Photo copyright Bob Costall - all rights reserved

Photo copyright Carlos Carreno - all rights reserved




"... watching the greens and blues and reds dance with each other across the night sky."




"How no two auroras are the same means that each time is like a new experience, and each time I feel like a child amazed at the beauty I am witnessing."

Photo copyright Andrew Blomfield - all rights reserved

Photo copyright Matilde Toscani - all rights reserved


"- The night we had a send off from camp with one of the best auroras we’d seen yet, with wonderful reflections off the lake..."







"And the sound of a muskox herd bellowing into the night from nearby, on our camp’s airstrip."




Photo copyright Ingrid Liem - all rights reserved

Rachel leading an expedition in Nunavik. Photo copyright Stuart Bell



"On my first day on the tundra, someone once told me that the North gets in your blood and you can never leave, but I soon found that they were wrong. The North gets in your heart."


Rachel Kobernick

All photography on this page (unless otherwise indicated) is copyrighted to Rachel Kobernick - all rights reserved


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