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We are very proud that in 2002, Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures (then Ecoventures) was nominated by client & fellow Yukon Northerner Dr. Dave Simonson for the World Wildlife Fund International Arctic Programme Arctic Award for Linking Tourism and Conservation. This nomination was then backed up by the following two client nomination letters:


Alan Weisman
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January 28, 2002

Re:  Nomination of "Tundra" Tom Faess's Great Canadian [Wilderness] for the WWF International Arctic Programme's Arctic Award for Linking Tourism and Conservation


To whom it may concern:

Last year I was assigned by one of tile world's leading tourism magazines, Conde Nast Traveler, to write about North America's largest nature refuge, northern Canada 's Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary. I traveled there with "Tundra" Tom Faess, whose Great Canadian [Wildlife Adventures has been taking visitors into this remote, untouched Arctic landscape, sometimes called the Serengeti of the North, for three decades. The trip was as magnificent as advertised, replete with the expected wildlife, vistas, and aurora borealis. But it was also far more:

Along with his passion for that extraordinary setting, Tom deepens his guests' experience with his  comprehension of mounting human and economic forces that will determine the Thelon' s future. For me, the result was an article that embraced not just the beautiful journey; but also the historic and present challenges that face native peoples who, as the result of recent Canadian judicial and political events, will now control the Thelon -even as the biggest mining boom in Canadian history (for diamonds) encroaches on it. Tom, who knows all the players, has courageously defended this land, vexing some but inspiring the trust of many others. As you may know, Conde Nast Traveler isn't particularly noted for dwelling on environmental politics: Beaches and dining are more its style. Nevertheless, the magazine's editor-and chief, Thomas Wallace, was so compelled by this commitment to ecological equilibrium in the Arctic that he devoted his lead essay in the December, 2001 issue to my article. The resulting multitude of reader responses I've received are particularly gratifying, because the power of this tale has been able to touch all audience far beyond the usual environmental true-believers.

That essay and my story are now posted on the Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures website, and I invite you to have a look. Both the photographer who accompanied me, Pulitzer-Prize-winner Jay Dickman, and I have worked throughout the world, but we've rarely been so touched as by this incomparable Arctic setting and this man's relationship to it and to its indigenous people and wildlife. I hope you give "Tundra" Tom Faess and his organization the consideration for this honor that both he and his beloved Thelon deserve.



Alan Weisman



The Nature Workshops
Bringing Photographers Closer to Their Natural  World
10898 E. Dale Lane, Scottsdale. AZ 85262
(480) 413~2060


January 28, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

The Nature Workshops is a nature photography workshop company that leads approximately thirty annual photo workshop expeditions throughout North America, five of which are in Canada and Alaska.  Each of our northern expeditions utilizes an outfitter who is intimately familiar with the areas we are going to visit and who coordinates the on-site logistics. in the case of Tom Faess and Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures.  He also supplies transportation, lodging at a remote camp, meals at the camp. Natural history consultations and guide service while in the wilderness. Of all the tour leaders we have encountered.  He is by far superior to others in his love of the very land in which he works which likely makes it easy for him to be an environrnental1y sound operator who stands out above all others in his field.

Throughout the time in the wilderness, Tom and his crew stressed the Leave No Trace philosophy needed to preserve the pristine lands into which we ventured Through teaching the natural history of the area we visited, he made each participant feel that it was their own duty and responsibility to help maintain the wilderness. Significant instruction on wildlife viewing techniques and wildlife safety were a constant theme at the camp. I would venture to say that all went borne with much more awareness of nature in general: not just the wilderness of the Arctic.

Further, through their own photography and the photographic results of leading photography trips into the wilderness, Tom's group is certainly expanding the awareness often need for conservation in this pristine land. As such we fully support the nomination for the World Wildlife Fund's International Arctic Award for Linking Tourism and Conservation.

Yours truly,

Lonnie Brock


The Nature Workshops



Alan Weisman's Conde Nast Traveler Magazine article - 'Diamonds in the Wild'


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