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Arctic Explorer 'Extrordinaire'
George Nagel

Canadian modern-explorer George Nagel has traveled throughout the Arctic with some of the best operators out there - including remote destinations like sea-kayaking off Devon & Ellsmere Islands; rafting in the Yukon & hiking in Greenland. So we are quite proud of the fact that George has chosen us as his favorite wilderness destination - and it must be so, since he has come north with us ten times over the past 18 years, having just completed his most recent with two weeks of the 'Muskox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' tour - during which he celebrated his 84th birthday! When we mentioned the number of trips to George he was quite surprised himself, and thus wrote his commentary below...

George Nagel on the barrenlands / photo copyright Tundra Tom

George had this to say about his many
adventures with us to the Canadian Arctic:

DHC-2 Dehavilland beaver C-FNOT beached on the Thelon /  photo copyright George Nagel


"Just a short note to thank you again for three wonderful weeks out on the barrenlands - I had a good time again. Talking about a good time, it was mentioned that this was my tenth trip with Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures, with my 11th trip booked for this coming summer! It sort of surprised me, maybe six or seven but not ten!"




"They wondered what was the main attraction to bring me back so many times, which at the spur of the moment wasn't hard to answer: I simply like the place, but couldn't be specific. Since I've be home now for over a month, my thoughts come back to this nine times, and how come?"




Autumn esker & caribou trails / photo copyright George Nagel

Canoe camp along the Thelon River during the Clarke-Thelon River Expedition /  photo copyright George Nagel

"As you know I have taken 2 to 3 weeks each trip up north including the High Arctic, from northern Yukon in the west and as far east as Qaanuuk on Greenland, and North as high as Alexander Fiord on Ellesmere Island."

"I've been doing this for over 25 years."



"I had to check this out - why I had come back North with you so many times - and frankly not try to just pass this off with a simple answer. I checked it out and IT IS ten times, from 1992 the first time till present!

The question remains now, is 'just how come?"


George Nagel at Clarke Croft trapping cabin ruins on the upper Thelon /  photo copyright Tundra Tom

Autumn colors on the eskers of the upper Thelon River /  photo copyright George Nagel


"For me it's the land. Geographically it's called "barrens" for me it's not- I just spent three weeks photographing it's color, the beauty of the reds and yellows blending in with the browns and green."



"The land is romantic, herds of caribou in their annual migration trying to raise their young in a struggle for survival... "


Caribou herd at water crossing /  photo copyright George Nagel

Peregrine falcon sitting on our camo blind on 'Dance with Wolves' trip /  photo copyright George Nagel


"The same for bird life, feeding their young on an abundance of insects and tender sprouts, the flight (and sounds) of the long migration."



"It's a land of history, the numerous stone cairns of direction and location of people in the long past. Old cabins in ruin, long ago abandoned; and gravesites of native people in the not so distant past.


Old stone cairn marker & pole on the barrenlands /  photo copyright George Nagel

Wardens Grove cabin on the Thelon River /  photo copyright George Nagel



Some cabins, more recently abandoned, still with household goods of the 1930's by hunters in the quest of riches in the fur trade, all in an violent environment. It's been home to many people."




"And, it's the night life--yes--of the borealis, stars and moon displays..."


moon over esker /  photo copyright George Nagel

Sunset storm brewing on the barrenlands /  photo copyright George Nagel

"after an evening signing off with ever changing and different sunsets."


"All this spread over a land that shows its own signs in a struggle for survival. The signs of the last ice age are ever present."


Tundra wolf pups by their den on a 'Dance with Wolves' trip - click to enlarge /  photo copyright George Nagel
Click to enlarge photo

'Dance with Caribou' group at Gordons Esker caribou crossing archeological site on the upper Thelon /  photo copyright George Nagel


"I'm sure that the many guests are as grateful as I am that your company has made this all possible. Guests, I may add, from all walks of life, means and possession, and corners of the world. Interesting and informative, they are an experience in itself. Your company has provided the infrastructure and means that makes it all possible. Aside from the physical structures, rustic as some might say..."


"Needless to say your guides were all top notch, top rate. Your staff are well trained, the guides are all well informed and knowledgeable. Everybody is courteous, caring and attentive to our needs. This includes attention to our safety at all times."

Great Canadian Trip Leader & guide Lloyd Comber on the Thelon /  photo copyright George Nagel

'Dance with Caribou' clients huddle around the morning stove at camp along with the late camp mascot - Jake / photo copyright Tundra Tom


"The amenities are good - and even excellent, especially your library for evenings and days when the weather is uncooperative - unfortunately there are some - and they come with the package. For all this to come together as it has, requires not only leadership it requires commitment, passion and love for this land, and its future."


"You are well named 'Tundra Tom'. You know the territory, its nooks and crannies beyond belief, its your back door. Your thirty some years of guiding has served your company well: We the guests are the beneficiaries."

'Tundra Tom' sings the blues around a campfire on the upper Thelon / photo copyright George Nagel

Tundra Tom landing Cessna 185 C-FYJY on a barrenlands lake /  photo copyright George Nagel


"Tom, as you know there quite a bit of flying involved, and not everyone likes flying especially in small planes. May I say that, of all the many pilots I've flown with, you are one of the very few who can land on an unknown and unnamed lake, and dock on shore and not get your feet wet! This certainly is a testimony to much experience, care, and safety practices. Again you serve us well."




"Thanks again for a job well done. Keep exploring---bring on the adventure!"


- George Nagel
Saskatchewan, Canada

White Muskox spike camp on 'Ghosts of Caribou' lake  in Nunavut /  photo copyright George Nagel


PS: Before I get too carried away, I'm going to fax a copy of this rendition to NWT tourism. You are serving your industry well, and have been doing so over a long period of time. In these day's where everybody is looking for tourism dollars, I would like to covey and share with them my many thanks and appreciation to your commitment: you are a true ambassador for the Territories. They too, are beneficiaries."


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