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Trip Leader / World Explorer
Murray Douglas

Murray is a New Zealander with a passion for the outdoors and who enjoys the wide open spaces of the Canadian Far North. In 2015 he and his wife Marcelle joined us as clients on our Leaf River Canoe Expedition in Nunavik, Canada. Already a experienced guide, he came back and joined our team as a volunteer trip leader in Nunavik during 2016, and helped guide and operate our wolves, caribou migration, musk-oxen and polar bears expeditions last summer. Murray has been Instructing in NZ for nearly 20 years along with leading many trips both hiking and canoeing. His experience in the Arctic includes wilderness trips in Alaska, the NWT and Nunavik. Murray has NZ Outdoors First Aid, NZMSC Bush Two Qualification and Paddle Canada Intermediate White-water Qualification. He has a great passion to sharing his knowledge and exploring the amazing opportunities the North has to offer! Murray joined us again back on the field in January 2017 during our winter caribou trip with a National Geographic film crew, and will be joining us this summer back up in Nunavik in 2017.

Murray Douglas - photo copyright Mariela Urra

This is what Murray had to say about his travels with us in the Canadian Far North:

A photo group with Murray at the 2016 autumn muskox camp -
photo copyright Mariela Urra



"In 2016 I joined GCWA as a guide and enjoyed the opportunity to share the “North” with clients.




"I have seen some amazing wildlife the last two summers: Tundra Wolves..."

A grey-tundra wolf in Nunavik 2016 - photo copyright Beth Davidow

Caribou crossing the Leaf River in Nunavik - click photo to enlarge









"Black and Polar Bear..."

Polar bears at Ungava Bay in 2016 - click photo to enlarge!

A musk-ox herd in Nunavik - photo copyright 2016 Mariela Urra




"Seals and Musk Ox!"




"I have also seen the huge tidal flows of Ungava Bay..."

The rugged shoreline and immense tides of Ungava Bay Nunavik
- photo copyright Mariela Urra

Northern Ligjhts over Nunavik - photo copyright Mariela Urra



"and enjoyed huge displays of Northern Lights."




"One of the key highlights for me has been showing people that the tundra isn’t just about wildlife!"

Iceberg in Ungava Bay - photo copyright Mariela Urra

Hiking along the Leaf River - photo copyright Murray & Marcelle Douglas




"This part of the world with huge extremes in climate has expansive views, clean water..."





"plants that cope with the challenging environment"

A lupin blossom precariously grows along a remote tundra riverbank in Nunavik - photo copyright Murray & Marcelle Douglas

Moonlit evening over Ungava Bay - photo copyright Mario Girard




 "and ever changing vistas and moods."




"It was great to see people slow down,"

Taking a nap break during a hike - photo copyright Mariela Urra

Blueberry picking in the early autumn - photo copyright Mariela Urra




"Enjoy the little things (blueberry picking as an example),"





"and develop their own bond as they started to understand more of what makes the Arctic special."

- Murray Douglas
Whangarei, New Zealand

Murray soaking in the remote tundra scenery -
photo copyright Murray & Marcelle Douglas


Check out this awesome video clip taken by Murray & Marcelle Douglas, of migrating caribou gathering to cross the Leaf River in August 2015. Click on photo to see the film!


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