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The Thelon Mural

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

"The Thelon Mural is intended as a wordless prayer, 

a prayer for the heart,

to be sung to each person, for the Sovereignty,

Safety and Well-Being of the Thelon River

& the Barrens around it

and to each and every one of its inhabitants

- past & present"

- Lauren Sinnott
 'ArtGoddess' - 2001


The Thelon mural was first painted in 1998 on the street front of the Air Thelon building in Old Town Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada by artist Lauren Sinnott. Lauren painted the mural as a gift to the world, resulting from inspiration of her earlier trip out to the remote Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary. It was a statement of sorts, positioned in a highly visible setting to be hopefully viewed daily by northern officials as they drove to work each day - those same officials who would (and still will) decide the fate of the Thelon. In the winter of 2000, the mural began to peel badly due to the extreme cold winters that it faced.  In the spring of 2001, Tundra Tom gave Lauren a call at her home on the California coast, and told her about the mural damage.  In May 2001, Lauren began the tedious work of re-painting the Thelon mural on coated plywood (with heavier duty paints) at her California abode.  Once completed, this magic woman then took the mural apart again, loaded it in the back of her friend Jody's pick-up truck, and along with her two kids they proceeded to drive the 3000 miles to Yellowknife - where she replaced the old with the new! The photos below depict the amazing work project resulting in Laurens' amazing gift to the world, the Thelon Mural. The pop-up boxes on each photo tell more of the story...

"Thank you so much my friend, for your wonderful gift to us up here!" Love, Tom

The original Thelon Mural on the Air Thelon building in Yellowknife, NWT - 1988
In year 2000, the mural began to badly peel due to -40 winter temperatures- or was it acid?
Once Lauren learned of this, she began to re-paint the mural in California
She spent hundred of hours on the project in the California sun
After driving the completed mural 3000 miles to Yellowknife in July 2001, the installation of the mural began
Near completion, the mural party happened at the Pilots Roost
The Artgoddess herself standing next to her famous work of art
The finished mural in July, 2001 - shouldn't someone move that telephone pole?

- the story continues -

Then, in the summer of 2004, the Air Thelon building in Old Town was purchased by a mineral exploration company, and slated for demolition.  In a worry to save the mural - Tom contacted local friend Jeannie Rocher to see about moving the mural to a new location.  In September 2004 Jeannie moved the 'Thelon Mural' from its historical place to it's new location in downtown in Yellowknife's downtown core. It can now be viewed today on the side of Quality Furniture, at the corner of Franklin Avenue & 46th Street - across the street from the Salvation Army building - in downtown Yellowknife.

The mural at its new home in downtown Yellowknife

Now located on the Quality Furniture building on the corner of Franklin and 49th in Yellowknife - shouldn't someone move that 'no parking' sign and fire hyrdrant??


Lauren has her own story to tell about the Thelon Mural & her experiences - click here!



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