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Wildlife & Nature Photographer
Bill Mullins

Bill Mullins has been photographing wildlife and wild places for over 30 years. A former biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Geological Survey, Bill now enjoys exploring and photographing the remaining truly wild areas of the world full-time. His photography credits include many of the North American natural history and nature magazines including Defenders, Field & Stream, Gray's Sporting Journal, Harrowsmith, Horizon, Montana Outdoors, National Wildlife, Nature Conservancy, Orion, Outdoor America, , Sierra, Sports Field, Sunset, Time, Trout & Wilderness, as well as several books and calendars.

We are proud to have accommodated photographer Bill Mullins on
our 'Search for the Legendary Tundra Wolves' expeditions.  Bill
had this to say about his experiences with us:

"As I watched the endless lakes and boreal forest glide under the Beaver in the flight to the tundra, I felt like I had traveled back in time to the late Pleistocene."  

"When we approached the lake on our final descent, the partially frozen lake appeared like a retreating glacier on the horizon, and I half expected to see woolly mammoths or saber tooth tigers awaiting us.

What I found instead was a very comfortable camp on a sandy esker in the middle of the arctic prairie, a rich oasis of habitat teaming with wildlife in the middle of the Canadian Barrenlands."

"The next two weeks would afford me opportunities to photograph nesting gyrfalcons, merlins, ravens, and American golden plovers.  I would also photograph Harris sparrows carrying insects to their nests,... arctic hares in summer pelage, and long-tailed ducks, not to mention a myriad of gorgeous tundra scenery."

"The moonrise and sunsets were incredible!  I would participate in a midnight musk ox stalk on the fourth of July and observe white wolves near their den. While I was busy photographing nesting birds, several others flew out to witness the caribou migration several hundred miles north, and observed wolves taking down a caribou in the middle of a river, a sight few ever see."


"Tundra Tom's camp is an ideal place for anyone interested in observing the workings of an intact sub arctic ecosystem, whether through the lens of a photographer, the binoculars of a birder, or the curious eyes of anyone who just wants to witness first hand one of the most wonderful places on the planet."


"Many others have said that this place gets to your soul, and I couldn't't agree more."

Bill Mullins


Click here to learn more about the 'Search for the Legendary tundra Wolves' expedition on which Bill participated


All photography on the page is copyrighted to Bill Mullins: all rights reserved.  If you would like to get a hold of Bill to purchase some of his prints, contact: 

Bill Mullins
1678 E Picabo Ct
Boise ID 83716-6637

Phone: 208-344-6231

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