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Internationally renowned photographer, author,
journalist, teacher & keynote speaker:

(The Late) Courtney Milne

Renowned Saskatchewan nature photographer Courtney Milne has died Sunday, August 29, 2010 at the age of 66 following a prolonged battle with cancer. Milne, who was born in Saskatoon, had spent his final days at home in Grandora near Saskatoon and died on Sunday. A prolific photographer and author or co-author of more than a dozen books, he explored sacred sites and landscapes around the globe. Milne took almost half a million photos on all seven continents for a series of books called The Sacred Earth Collection, according to the Saskatchewan Encyclopedia. Courtney Milne was born in 1943 in Saskatoon, Canada, and has been a freelance photographer since 1975, concentrating on landscape and nature.  Milne has recently been nominated for one of Canada's highest honors, the 2004 Governor General's Award in Visual and Media Arts!  His academic background includes two master's degrees -- in psychology, and in journalism & mass communication. He has written more than 180 illustrated articles for photographic magazines and produced three books on Canadian Prairies: Prairie Light, Prairie Dreams & Prairie Skies. Milne has conducted workshops, seminars, and worldwide photographic tours, and presented more than 200 public performances of his multimedia shows.


Courtney's extensive slide library is the basis for international presentations such as UNESCO's World Heritage Committee (1990), Waterscapes International Congress (1991), and the United Nations traveling exhibit, To Care for the Earth (1992). The 1991 Canadian tour of The Sacred Earth Concert, a multimedia presentation, raised money for local environmental projects and for the Endangered Spaces Campaign of Worldwide Fund For Nature (WWF), Canada. Showcased at the United Nations "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janiero in June 1992.   In 1993 Milne was awarded the Gold Medal for Distinction in Canadian Photography, by the National Association for Photographic Art.  Milne was selected to the 1995 jury for the International Photography Competition sponsored by the United Nations Environment Program, in Tokyo, Japan, where he presented The Sacred Earth Concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Photography. 

He will be sorely missed as one of Canada's truly great artists....

In September 2003, & again during late August 2004 - Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures was proud to host Courtney Milne and his entourage of friends on our 'Muskox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' trips to Canada's Far North.  This is what Courtney has to say about his trips with! us: .


"What has the two weeks in the North meant to me? First of all, I feel profoundly blessed.  Maybe what Lawren Harris, the great Canadian Group of Seven impressionist painter, said three-quarters of a century ago still holds true today. I would like to believe that my photographs do convey a sense of place "more spacious of a greater living quiet, perhaps a more certain conviction of eternal values."

Ice blue tundra rock composition / copyright 2003 by Courtney Milne - All rights reserved

Rolling esker of the upper Thelon / copyright 2003 by Courtney Milne - All rights reserved

"If a photograph is a mirror of a personšs inner landscape, then indeed the North has connected me to a vibrant, clean, pure, robust inner reality that has been lying dormant."

"The light there dances with a little more joy."

"The colours of the autumn tundra mix and blend magically as if splashed together from the brush of a master painter."

Dwarf bearberry (kinikinic) in bright autumn colour  / copyright 2003 by Courtney Milne - All rights reserved

Dwarf birch leaf in September colour change / copyright 2003 by Courtney Milne - All rights reserved

"I found it difficult to walk because each new step felt as though I were treading on a delicate and fragile masterpiece -- naturešs canvas of infinite size and import."

"I open the tent flap and step out into a dazzling light that illuminates the hoarfrost that has blanketed the beach before dawn. There is my friend Jeff, binoculars to his eyes, a distant silhouette on the far ridge. 

Tundra Tom walks into the kitchen, book in hand, ready for our morning story -- which, legend has it -- he has memorized and only pretends to read!"

Thelon esker sunset behind musk-ox skull / copyright 2003 by Courtney Milne - All rights reserved

Moon & aurora from the boo barge / copyright 2003 by Courtney Milne - All rights reserved

"We are cruising the pristine waters of Whitefish Lake on a pontoon boat as a brilliant crimson sunset explodes on the western rim, then spreads like wildfire across the entire hemisphere.  Caribou antlers shine iridescent white in the nurturing glow of a pregnant moon. The aurora, like a saucy and unruly sorceress, mocks our inability to keep pace with her dance, or to catch her with our cameras."

"Rain, sleet, wind, snow, sand, piercing cold, brilliant sun, Arctic light, luminescent colour stream by us and at us in a kaleidoscope of cosmic sensations. I am a child; I am old; I am alive; I canšt comprehend; I canšt cope; I am exhausted, euphoric, mesmerized, satiated, starved for more, eager to return ... and already there."

Melting morning snow on dwarf birch at upper Thelon / copyright 2003 by Courtney Milne - All rights reserved

Happy Milne group at camp beach - upper Thelon, September 2003

"My senses are in overload, my body on the brink of collapse...

 The spell is cast."

Courtney Milne


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All photos on this page copyright by Courtney Milne, no reproduction without prior permission.  To get a hold of Courtney about purchasing his prints or books, go to his website!

Courtney Milne & Sherrill Miller





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