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Where we are - and how to get to us

Each season - depending on where the animals are for each specific trip - our adventures will begin at a remote northern town or settlement in Far Northern Canada, where we will board a charter boat or aircraft to access some of the most remote active wildlife regions in the Arctic & sub-Arctic.!

In 2018, all of our wildlife & natural history expeditions will be operated in the region of Nunavik in northern Quebec in Canada.

The remote and wildlife-rich wilderness areas to where we operate are accessed by charter aircraft, helicopters and seagoing vessels from the coastal settlement of Kuujjuaq Nunavik - a small, unique and isolated traditional Inuit community near Ungava Bay, close to the Labrador Sea and Hudson Strait of the Arctic Ocean. Kuujjuaq is accessed by a choice of daily commuter flights 1500 km (1000 airmiles) north from Montreal Quebec (CYUL). All of our expedition packages begin and end at Kuujjuaq Nunavik (CYVP).

First Air services Kuujjuaq Nunavik daily from Montreal with modern 737 jet aircraft

In 2018, all clients must make their own way from Montreal to Kuujjuaq and back at their own arrangements and expense.

Often we are able to secure discounted tour rates on behalf of our clients for these flights at special airfares that are a significant savings. These tour airfare details are supplied in PDF format to our confirmed clients at the time of tour reservation, and includes the best dates, flights, the special tour codes needed for the discount, and recommended accommodations en-route.

The airport in Kuujjuaq, Nunavik

Kuujjuaq Nunavik is a unique remote northern Inuit settlement full of vibrant history that is directly linked to the wildlife camp areas to the north and west. Our expeditions are often operated to areas that encompass the traditional routes of the Inuit people while they traveled, camped, hunted for caribou and traversed the inland peninsula routes between Hudson & Ungava Bays. It is definitely worth it to spend some time here exploring the area, community and unique aboriginal culture.

Landing on wheels at one of the Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures camps in Canada's Far North

Landing on floats at one of the Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures camps in Canada's Far North


Out winter caribou herd expeditions are being operated from the remote Cree settlement of Chisasbi on the eastern shore of James Bay in Northern Quebec, Canada. Chisasibi can be reached by daily commuter flights from Montreal via Air Creebec.



JOURNEY to our comfortable & catered WILDLIFE CAMPS

On the scheduled tour start day, your package begins when we board a charter boat, aircraft or helicopter for the final 80-300 km (50-200 airmiles) to land at one of our remote wildlife camps located in one of the most isolated regions in mainland North America.

Dining in style at a Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures camp

Places to stay near the airport in Montreal

Airlines that service the North:

First Air offers air service from Montreal & Ottawa northward: 1-800-267-1247

Air Inuit services all Nunavik communities from bases in Kuujjuaq and Montreal: 1-800-361-2965

Air Creebec services the Cree communities along James & Hudson Bays in Quebec: 1-800 567-6567

Air Labrador offers services from Goose Bay to all Labrador communities: 1-800-563-3042

Innu Mikun Airways offers service from Montreal, Goose Bay & northward: +709-896-3553

Canadian North Airlines offers jet service from Calgary & Edmonton northward: 1-800-661-1505

Transwest Air from Saskatoon to Stoney Rapids: phone 1-800-667-9356

Pronto Airways from Saskatoon northward: 1-877-600-7999

Air Canada Reservations: 1-888-247-2262

Westjet Reservations: 1-800-538-5696

Provincial Airlines offers service from Montreal, Goose Bay & northward: 1-800-563-2800

Calm Air offers daily air service from Winnipeg northward: 1-800-839-2256 An on-line resourse for inexpensive worldwide airfares to/from Canada


Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures

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