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African Wildlife Guide & Tour Leader
Adventure Andy

'Tundra Tom' first met 'Adventure Andy' Kammer in Madison, Wisconsin during the 1980's, when Andy was starting up the Adventure Shows there.  Since then, they have kept in touch as Andy went on to start a adventure travel company specializing in trips worldwide.  As a peer in the industry, we value his feedback!

"After seeing Tundra Tom's Slide presentation in February of 1999, I really wanted to go see the Tundra. It took me over 5 years to finally make it up to see him, and it was definitely worth the wait. I spent a week in late August up in Tundra Tomís camp near the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary, and it was beyond everything that I had heard about it and dreamed it would be."

"His slide presentation, although very spectacular, paled in comparison to the real thing. What a fantastic place and if you want a top-notch wildlife experience in a Northern-style safari tented camp, then this is the place to go. I really wish I had been able to stay two weeks, because the second week the people got to see a barren ground grizzly try to catch a caribou."

"The autumn changed the summer greens within a couple of days to vibrant gold, orange, and fire engine reds.  Every ten steps lead you to a patch of tundra that is completely different in color and makeup."

"It is the only place I have ever been where I experienced SILENCE. After dusk, nothing at all was to be heard. It was absolutely amazing."

"And if you ever want to see northern lights, Tomís camp is a great place to give you a great opportunity!"

"Another highlight was coming face to face with a big old musk ox. A guide from Zimbabwe once told me "the best defense is a good offense, and the best offense is an ambush." Well, the musk ox didnít even see me until he was right on top of me. My younger brother, Aaron, was on my right and my older brother, Alex, was just behind me."

"The bull pricked his ears forward and blew a bunch of ox-snot Ö for a brief moment I thought he might charge. But I just continued to shoot photos. Soon he ran off and my older brother and our guide Alicia gave chase. We all got amazing photos of this close encounter, an experience I wonít soon forget."

Andy Kammer

PS: **One quick thing for the people who are going to the camp and interested in photography: no such thing as a too wide-angle lens. Furthermore, get the best glass you can. I really wish I had an L series 20-35 FD lens for my AE1 Program, vs. the 100 dollar 24 mm I had.  And, after further review of Fugi/Kodak/AGFA Films... Fuji is still the best film to take: the Reala 100 Print film, the Velvia 50 or 100 slide and the Sensia 200 are the ways to go. (Andy)

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All photography on this page is copyrighted to the Kammer Brothers.  To get a hold of Andy Kammer to obtain use of his photography, to purchase he or brothers prints, or to learn about the unique adventures that Andy organizes to Africa and to other exotic destinations worldwide, contact:  

Adventure Andy's Travel Company


The Kammer Brothers: Aaron (left), Andy (center), And Alex (right) on the beach of the Upper Thelon Wildlife Camp, NWT, Canada



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