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Pulitzer-Prize winning photojournalist
Jay Dickman

all photography on this page copyright Jay Dickman - all rights reserved

Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures was proud to accommodate renowned photojournalist Jay Dickman author Alan Weisman and on a 'Musk-ox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' wildlife trip to our wildlife camp on the remote tundra of the Thelon River in Canada's Far North. Both men joined this special trip on assignment with Conde Nast Traveler magazine: the resulting excellent article titled ''Diamonds In The Wild' was published in the December 2001 issue - check it out! 

Photojournalist Jay Dickman relaxing between shoots at Ecoventures Thelon basecamp

Jay Dickman had this to say about his trip with us:

 "The business of photography can take one many places. I've been in the business many years and have been fortunate to have visited (on assignment) nearly 50 countries.  In that time, you do have your favorites, each bringing up a different set of memories: some good, some bad, some utterly life-changing and stamped indelibly in your mind."




"I've worked quite a bit in northern Canada and Alaska on assignments for National Geographic and Conde Nast Traveler.  My assignment from Traveler, late in the summer of 2000, was to photograph Canada's Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary and second-generation wilderness guide "Tundra Tom".

  "I'd never been fortunate enough to visit "Shield Country", and was not sure what to expect.  The 'Dancing with Caribou' part was something I had no idea about.." 

"The entire trip/experience proved to be one of the incredible memories in my career!"



musk-oxen rambling over the thelon tundra / copyright Jay Dickman



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"The eskers, the light, the wildlife (musk-ox, Arctic wolves, caribou, all as guaranteed) as well as the companionship (and food) and expertise of Tom and his staff was staggering."


"In between assignments, sitting in my office, daydreaming of where I would like to be, Tom's camps and surrounding wonderland keeps creeping to the top of my list."


- Jay Dickman
Littleton, CO, USA



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Check out the controversial Conde Nast Traveler 2002 article 'Diamonds in the Wild', about the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary and the potential future effects of diamond and mineral exploration in our last great North American wilderness. Click here!



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