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Wildlife biologist
Dr. L. David Mech

photo courtesy Wm Campbell  

Our first meeting with Dr. Mech occurred by chance in 1996 when one of our trip leaders - Steve Lybeck, while on his way home from guiding Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures trips on the Thelon - inadvertently ran into Dave Mech on the flight south out of Yellowknife. It turns out that Mech was also on his way home from a month spent at his famed wolf site on Elsmere Island. Well, after a share of knowledge during some lengthy phone calls over the next year, one thing led to another - and we finally convinced Dr. Mech to come to scout out our special tundra wolf site in the tundra country. Well - to make a long story short - Dave absolutely loved it! He returned againfor two more visits for wolf viewing study trips with the International Wolf Center.

 Dave Mech wrote this about his trips with us...


"The Thelon area is great country!
One of the remotest areas in the world."  

caribou along camp beach at sunrise - copyright Anika Broden
Caribou wandering the camp beach at sunrise

CLICK to ENLARGE! camp esker on upper Thelon River / copyright Terry ElliottCamp esker from the air

"The Thelon encompasses extensive tundra with lengthy sand eskers, sparkling ponds and waterways.."
"...and all the wildlife one expects from such an area."
photo copyright David Welling / 818-341-6842


close caribou on thelon / copyright Jerry Gulden


"Our group saw wolves, musk-oxen, and caribou on a daily basis!"


"In the middle of all this, lies the simple but comfortable camp from which one can explore this beautiful world. "

photo by Bill Silliker, Jr

photo by Dick Carter
Dave Mech and the late photographer Galen Rowell scouting for wolves on the upper Thelon River, 1997

"We had a wonderful trip!"

-David Mech

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Dr. L. David Mech
St Paul, MN  USA


White tundra wolf near the tree-line in the NWT / photo copyright David Welling




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