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Musk-oxen Herd on Tundra Hillside
Photo copyright Wendy Broekx - all rights reserved

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Australian photographer Wendy Broekx took this awesome photo of a musk-oxen herd resting and grazing on a tundra hillside slope in Canada's Far North - shortly after having a too-close encounter with a wandering single bull! Musk-oxen herds like this one are scattered throughout northern Canada - from the Arctic coastal regions of northern Labrador through the barrengrounds of the Ungava Peninsula; across Hudson Bay through the tundra plains central and northern Nunavut, the northern NWT and Yukon. There are also musk-oxen herds on most of the Arctic Islands as well. Musk-oxen have made a strong comeback in the past 30 years having nearly doubled in population on the mainland regions of the Far North, even as the counterpart caribou herds with whom they share the landscape have dramatically dwindled in size in many areas during the same period.

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