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Canadian Wildlife & Nature Authors / Photographers
Glen & Rebecca Grambo

All photogpraphy on this webpage is copyrighted to Grambo Photogpraphy - all rights reserved


Glen Grambo is considered one of Canada's leading wildlife and outdoor photographers. Along with many books and calendars, his images have appeared in most of the major Canadian outdoor and nature magazines including Nature Canada Magazine. Additionally we are often published in Canadian Wildlife Magazine and will have the cover in an upcoming special edition of Canadian Geographic Magazine. His work also appears in several tabletop books including 'Nature of Foxes' and 'Season's of the Rockies'.  His images are also marketed internationally by several agencies.  Glen manages Don's Photo in Saskatoon, and lives with his wife & author Rebecca in nearby Warman, Saskatchewan. 


Canadian photographer Glen Grambo

Glen had this to say about his several trips with us:


"When I climbed off the plane at the camp, I was immediately struck by a sense of space and isolation."

First light over Ecoventures wildlife basecamp on the upper Thelon River, NWT / Copyright Glen & Rebecca Grambo - all rights reserved
Caribou bulls of the Beverly herd on tundra landscape / Copyright Glen & Rebecca Grambo - all rights reserved

"Having lived my whole life on the Canadian prairies I'm used to open spaces, but this place was like stepping back to a time before people had invaded most corners of the planet. This is true wilderness and you can lose yourself here."

"And I wasn't prepared for the beauty and diversity of these " barrenlands ". From the smallest macros to sweeping scenics to encounters with caribou and muskox, I have never photographed in a place so full of possibilities."

Musk-oxen herds grazing amidst dwarf birch in autumn colour / Copyright Glen & Rebecca Grambo - all rights reserved

Caribou bull tries to get our scent / Copyright Glen & Rebecca Grambo - all rights reserved

"In one day we photographed vivid autumn landscapes, caribou walking across an orange carpet of tundra, a muskox herd fording a stream, and dancing Northern Lights. It was a photographer's dream!"

"But I found more here than pretty pictures of scenery and wildlife. In the silence of a sunrise over the tundra you can begin to get a sense of the vast history of this land."

Sunset over Thelon tundra / Copyright Glen & Rebecca Grambo - all rights reserved
Old native gravesite near camp on the upper Thelon / Copyright Glen & Rebecca Grambo - all rights reserved

"Having listened avidly to nightly stories of the people who followed the caribou and the early trappers, I found myself contrasting the beauty of this place with the harsh reality of surviving here."

"While quietly waiting for caribou and muskox, I thought about those hard lives and about the hectic life I had put on hold for two weeks to come here."

Aminita mushroom on the esker after an autumn rain  / Copyright Glen & Rebecca Grambo - all rights reserved
Esker pond in garden of autumn colour /  Copyright Glen & Rebecca Grambo - all rights reserved

"And I found what was, for me, the essence of this place: an immense expanse of space and time that puts everyday things into perspective. And does so with an ancient, quiet beauty.."

"This place gets into your soul."

- Glen Grambo


Becky Grambo had this to say about her several trips with us:

"I wanted to allow time for my experiences to sink in before I tried to write about them."  

"The surface stuff, of course, is easy:  a beautiful, enigmatic landscape with animals that appear and disappear as though passing to and from another time or dimension; history everywhere you walk and guides that explain it so that it adds yet another facet to the experience; snow flurries, northern lights, wolf paw prints the size of my hand (not palm, HAND), and musk ox bulls butting heads in a scene that would have looked much the same thousands of years ago." 

"What is more difficult to express are what the land, its plants and animals, and its history created in my heart and imagination. For example, as I looked into a snow-speckled sky, watching skein after skein of geese race southward, I thought about how lonely this land must become when winter settles in and wondered what the trappers who stayed here in the bitterest of seasons must have felt as they heard the voices of the departing flocks.  To live on this land must have taken great courage and a humble willingness to submit to its rhythms and vagaries. Indeed, many of those who lived here made nearly unbelievable sacrifices to remain - not for any riches they could take from the land but for what the land gave to their spirits. After only two weeks, I began to understand what drove them to such lengths and I, too, know that I must return." 

"Thank you, Tom, for the immense effort you put into preserving this unique place and for sharing the gifts it holds for all who are willing to open their minds and spirits." 

"With love and friendship:"

 Becky Grambo / Author
Saskatoon, SK, Canada



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Morning frost on low-bush cranberry / Copyright Glen & Rebecca Grambo - all rights reserved

Northern lights danced for us nearly every clear night / Copyright Glen & Rebecca Grambo - all rights reserved

Spruce cone on star moss / Copyright Glen & Rebecca Grambo - all rights reserved

All photogpraphy on this webpage is copyrighted to Grambo Photography - all rights reserved
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