Search for the Legendary White Musk-ox


Join us far above the Arctic Circle on the Canadian coastal mainland tundra, on one of our most exotic wildlife expeditions, situated at a private small-group tent camp nearby the Arctic ocean.  Here, we will explore new territory and hike the historically-rich land in an attempt to locate and photography the legendary blonde musk-oxen! 

'Ghosts of Caribou' lake campsite - Nunavut

A dirty blonde musk-ox bull with a herd of normal black muskoxen in the Queen Maud Gulf Sanctuary in Nunavut / Photo copyright Brian Jones

It is a little-known fact that in the Canadian Far North on the Arctic mainland there dwells rare white (blonde) muskoxen. The existence of the white musk-oxen is legendary among the coastal Inuit, dating in stories far back into their history. Yet little written acknowledgment exists - even though this unusual biological phenomena has been reported time and again over the past decades by bush pilots and biologists who had occasion to visit the very remote Arctic region of the Queen Maud Gulf Sanctuary.

Search for the Legendary White Musk-oxen

Eight days all-inclusive from Baker Lake, Nunavut (Maximum 8)

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proud ox watches us warily / photo by Wolf Franzen
Having first spotted 11 of these very rare animals together in an all-white herd in 1984, in the summer of 1996 'Tundra Tom' took two photographers - Brian Jones of Canada and the late Wolf Franzen from Germany - deep into this remote Arctic coastal area. 
98% of the world's Ross' geese nest in the Queen Maud Gulf


Using air recon and GPS positioning techniques they made photographic history when they located, landed & stalked a blonde musk ox!  This proud animal was mixed in with a herd of 24 normal (black) musk-oxen. The off-white bull turned out to be the herd leader!  


"Finally locating and stalking the legendary white musk-ox was truly was one of the most incredible - and spiritual experiences of this guide's life!"
- Tundra Tom

the white bull seemed to stand 1/2 head taller than the rest / copyright Brian Jones

The Arctic ocean coastline of the Queen Maud Gulf near Perry River - wonderful colour and incredible spaces! / photo by Terry Elliott

After 4 hours of just lying around, the herd suddenly pranced off with the white one in lead / Copyright Brian Jones

We are again offering this very special basecamp expedition and exploratory journey under the midnight sun - for serious photographers and adventurers!

caribou of the Queen Maud herd - we saw groups of thousands from the air - but it was too smoky from treeline fires to get good photos


The expedition will begin from Baker Lake, Nunavut, where we will spend a day and night (cost included) at this remote Arctic Island Inuit settlement to meet the friendly people, immerse ourselves into their culture, and if you wish - shop for their northern carvings arts and crafts.

The traditional Inuit community of Baker Lake, Nunavut as seen from the airport - the geographical centre of North America
The traditional Inuit community of Baker Lake, Nunavut as seen from the airport - the geographical centre of North America


Dehavilland beaver C-FNOT

We will then board a charter aircraft to the remote mainland coastal region of the Back River and Queen Maud Gulf, where a comfortable & catered tent basecamp and qualified field staff will await you. Fresh food 'campfire style' meals will be prepared daily, 4-man North Face expedition tents  (one for every two persons), a screened gazebo tent with table & chairs for insect free dining and relaxing, a library of relevant resource material about the area we will be exploring, a portable shower stall and sink, and a satellite telephone for contact with the 'outside world'. 

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We will spend two fully catered weeks here with on-site aircraft support - and venture on daily exploratory programs to seek out musk-oxen herds, caribou of the Ahiak Herd (similar to endangered Perry's caribou), Ross geese and other migratory waterfowl and Arctic shorebirds, ancient coastal Inuit archaeological sites, incredible Arctic landscapes, fish Arctic char in Arctic streams: with the main purpose to locate and encounter rare white musk oxen! 
Setting up the white musk-ox camp on 'Ghosts of Caribou' Lake - Nunavut


lone inukshuck in Nunavut Arctic / Great Canadian Wilderness

Rich Inuit history & archaeological sites are found all along the Arctic ocean coastline and near historical caribou hunting water crossings in the interior left behind by the Hanningajurmiut, Ahiarmiut/Ihalmiut, & Utkuhiksalingmiut Inuit peoples, who once inhabited this remote region, and to this day still journey through to hunt & fish.

Led by our very best trip leaders, this special two-week expedition has limited space only (maximum 8).


Ross geese in the air


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