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Behind us the early morning sunlight began to filter through the fog drifting off from the sea of nearby Ungava Bay, casting a strange yellow light across the landscape. At first we thought that a fight between the two huge musk-ox bulls was eminent - after all, it was mating season and the big herd was close by. Then, after several tense moments... the challenging bull nudged the other's cheek!

Photos taken by trip leader Thomas Groening in mid-September 2015 on the 'Muskox, Autumn Colors & Aurora' expedition in Nunavik Canada.

Thomas Groening writes:

"There is something truly amazing about the Canadian tundra and sub-Arctic lands, one of the planets youngest ecosystems - and now at risk...It has been an amazing opportunity to help operate wildlife and nature focused trips in Nunavik. This area is an enormous piece of geographically and ecologically diverse land that lies between Hudson Bay, Baffin island and the Labrador coastline. I have been working with Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures since the fall of 2014, and have fallen in love with the vastness and beauty of the North. The land and areas we travel to are ‘alive’: at times it can be crowded with animals caribou, muskox, wolves, beavers, bears, fish, migratory and prey birds... and at other times it is silent and still as far as the eye can see but still the lichen grows and flowers bloom to illuminate the tundra in brilliant colours. Underneath the earth and often found on the shores of lakes, rivers and camping spots are signs of the ancient history of the land and reminders of other people living and visiting the places that we travel and explore. There are some archeological sites in Nunavik that have dated artifacts to being up to 2000 years old. It is an amazing experience to spend time getting to know the animals on the land, and live with them, to see them interacting with their habitat and to get to feel how alive the land is. This land enlivens the spirit, and encourages the soul to adventure..."

Thomas Mark Groening
Winnipeg, MB

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