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Nature Photographer
Eric Peterson


Photographer Eric Peterson from Englewood, Colorado got more than he bargained for when he joined two weeks of our 'Search for the Legendary Tundra Wolves' expeditions - Eric managed to establish a special relationship with a family of wild tundra wolves - and then came back again two years later for the 'Great Summer Caribou Migration' expedition.


Eric Peterson on the tundra during 2002 wolves photography trip

Eric wrote this about his adventures with us on the tundra of Canada's mainland Arctic:


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"To be among the Arctic wolves in true wilderness has always been a dream of mine. So when I heard about this trip called 'Search for the Legendary Tundra Wolves', I thought this could be my chance."


"I had never been to the Canadian Arctic before and even though I read the literature and brochures from Tundra Tom I still was not sure what this trip would entail or what the barrenlands would bring forth. Yet somehow I sensed, even before I left Denver, that a special encounter with one of these magnificent creatures would take place before my two-week visit to the tundra would end." 

Ecoventures Dance with Wolves basecamp / copyright Eric Peterson - all rights reserved



"Late Tuesday afternoon on July 2, the sun was still high in the cloudless blue sky. As I sat alone on the esker hillside where I could watch the wolves in the den area several hundred yards away, the wind shifted and coming from behind me it carried the human scent down the hillside."


"Immediately the large alpha male looked up the hill towards me. He moved swiftly across the sand and disappeared into the trees.  Traveling up the backside of ridge he reappeared within minutes above me and to my right."

Wolves often follow traditional paths & routes when embarking on hunting forays / Copyright 2002 Eric Peterson - all rights reserved


close-up of adult tundra wolf behind the Ecoventures camp /  Copyright 2002 Eric Peterson - all rights reserved


"Looking at the wolf through my camera and telephoto lens was a sight to behold. His head, face and shoulders filled the entire image as he peeked over the top of the ridge searching for my exact whereabouts. "

"He seemed to sense I meant no harm or danger to him so he descended the small ridge, crossed over in front of me and headed for the shade of the esker pine trees that were below me and to my left."

The wolves knew we were there the whole time - and as long as we didn't cross the 'invisible line' - they continued to tolerate our presense /  Copyright 2002 Eric Peterson - all rights reserved


Adult tundra wolf resting near the den /  Copyright 2002 Eric Peterson - all rights reserved


"There in the shade sat this great white wolf, intelligent, inquisitive and extremely social. No fences, no enclosures, no platforms, no blinds, no vehicles--just the beauty of this wilderness and the two of us enjoying each others company as any two friends would do."

"Finally the wolf got up and started crossing yet another ridge. There he paused and looked back at me one more time before disappearing over the backside. Today my photographs stand as testament to what was for me a true spiritual experience." 

Rare full front photo of wild tundra wolf - Thelon River, NWT /  Copyright 2002 Eric Peterson - all rights reserved


Rock ptarmigan in the willows on the open tundra /  Copyright 2002 Eric Peterson - all rights reserved


"The Canadian barrens is true wilderness--vast and remote with its own unique beauty and mystique. While nature and true wilderness can be unforgiving to the creatures who struggle to survive there, whether arctic wolves, foxes, musk ox, caribou, song birds, water birds, birds of prey, moose or bear...

... we on the other hand can visit this beautiful country with all the comforts of home--good meals, hot showers, warm and comfortable shelter, and a superb staff of people who are there 24 hours a day to serve you and to make sure your trip is the best you have ever experienced."

Curious cross-Fox kit - the fox den was only a couple hundred yards from the main basecamp / Copyright 2002 Eric Peterson - all rights reserved


Rare 'cross-fox': a cross between Arctic and red fox /  Copyright 2002 Eric Peterson - all rights reserved


"And for those occasional days marked by sporadic rain and wind, Tundra Tom's camp library is the ideal place to go to stay warm and dry while learning more about the history and natural beauty of this land."

- Eric Peterson
Engelwood, Colorado, USA












All photos on this page are copyrighted to Eric Peterson - all rights reserved. No reproduction or downloading in any form permitted without written authorization from the photographer. If you are interested in purchasing some of the prints on this page - contact us at for referal:

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