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"Tell me father", the Native asked the Oblate Priest; "what is the white mans' heaven?"

"It is the most beautiful place in the world", replied the priest."

"Then tell me Father, is it like the land of the little trees when the ice has left the lake"? 

"Are the great musk-oxen there?"

"Are the hills covered with flowers?"

"There, will I see the caribou everywhere I look?"

"Are the lakes blue with the sky of summer?"

"Is every net full of great, fat whitefish?"

"Is there room for me in this land, like our land, the barrens?"

"Can I camp anywhere and not find someone has camped?"

"Can I feel the wind and be like the wind?"

"Father, if your Heaven in not like all these things, then leave me alone in my land

- the land of little sticks".

- P.G. Downes / Sleeping Island

The following expeditions have a strong link to the local aboriginal cultures relevant to the area we are
operating them. This means that either the trip is co-led by Cree, Innu, Dene' or Inuit locals, or have strong
historical and archeological features which are important to the trip - or both:

Our Current 2017 Featured 'Dreamcatcher' Expeditions are:

'Polar Bears, Musk-oxen, Icebergs & Seals'

'The Great Summer Caribou Migration'

'Winter Caribou & the James Bay Cree'



"If the North has a soul, it is here in these empty lands which, harsh though they may be, has a beauty that no person who has not lived there a lifetime can really understand..." 

- Pierre Berton / The Mysterious North



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