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US Photographer / Author
Dominique Braud

We were proud to accommodate US Photographer and author Dominique Braud on our 'Musk-ox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' fly-in wildlife expedition to the remote tundra of Nunavik, Canada. Dominique is a full-time nature photographer who specializes in wildlife and scenics of Minnesota. His photo credits include such publications as Audubon, Birder’s World, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick, Outdoor Photographer, Outdoor Life, Bowhunter, Field and Stream, Smithsonian, Weekly Reader and Natural History, to name a few, as well as a variety of books and calendars.  Dominique’s work is also represented by two stock photo agencies in New York and Detroit.  He has also authored over 70 articles in regional, national and international magazines. His book, Minnesota Wildlife Impressions, was published by Farcountry Press in 2008.

Dominique had this to say about his 2015 wildlife expedition with us:


"In September I finally returned to the Arctic after a hiatus of 20 years. The decision I made to join Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures was one of the best in my life. Not only was the land I discovered around Ungava Bay one of the most fascinating landscapes I have ever visited and photographed but everything came together to make this trip unforgettable."



"I was a bit apprehensive that at least one of the highlights that ‘Tundra Tom’ built and advertised the trip around (i.e. Musk-ox, Northern Lights and Fall Colors) would not materialize but my fears were unfounded as all three came to be and presented some awesome photo ops. As an added bonus, the weather in early September could not have been better, crisp and rain-free. And not a mosquito in sight!"




"The northern lights danced in the sky on my first night at the wildlife camp and I spent a few hours photographing this amazing natural show that I had never observed before. Good thing I did because they never reappeared with such intensity again for the rest of the trip."



"Thanks to our guides' expertise, we were able to locate and slowly approach herds of muskoxen, close enough for photography yet far enough to respect the animals' personal space. What a thrill to get all the photos I had hoped for and walk away with the satisfaction of leaving the animals undisturbed, aware of our presence but going about their business as if we had never been there."



"Our guides were as efficient at camp as they were in the field. There was absolutely nothing that they were not willing to do, always with a smile, to make our experience more positive. The food was amazingly delicious, especially after long and arduous hikes over tough terrain and fighting a strong, chilly wind all day!"



"Compared to the explosion of colors that occurs in the fall in my home state of Minnesota, the fall colors in the Arctic landscape were certainly more subdued but no less spectacular in their own way. Bearberries and crowberries were at peak color and their bright crimson foliage, when backlit by the midday sun, was a sight to behold."



"This was one of the greatest trips of my life for the out-of-this-world imagery, the camaraderie between participants and the opportunity to learn about the land and the culture of the Inuit people who live in this harsh but beautiful land."

Dominique Braud
Farmington, MN




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