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Wildlife Photographer
(the late) Bill Silliker, Jr.

In 1998, Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures hosted well-known East coast photographer / author Bill Silliker, Jr.; also known as the "Mooseman", as guest leader for the early 'Musk-ox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' trips to the tundra of Canada's Far North.


Bill had this to say about his experience with us in the Arctic:


Dancing with the caribou on the tundra - Photo by Bill Silliker, Jr.

"A rare opportunity to camera hunt wildlife at a truly wild place..."

"As photography guide, I took to the field with folks who had a variety of cameras and skill levels, from point & shoot to real professional. And they all got some great pictures! You can't miss: you're so far from "civilization" that you get to work with animals who have probably never seen a human being before."

"While still very wary, because they share the curious nature of their white-tailed deer cousins, many of the caribou would approach you if you used Tom's "dance with the caribou" technique, and sometimes, if you simply got low to the ground with a wind advantage. Applying other camera hunting techniques was also a lot of fun and, at times, well worth the effort."


Caribou on the tundra - Photo by Bill Silliker, Jr.


"I learned some of these by reading about how the original people hunted caribou in Tom's well-stocked camp library. The library and other amenities of the base camp, including some great home cooked meals, provided us the ability to make the most of a truly one of a kind experience."


"Because Tundra Tom sets up his camps at strategic locations along classic caribou migration routes, we had the chance to work daily with a number and variety of caribou. That enabled us to really learn about this fabulous species."
Group of Caribou - Photo by Bill Silliker, Jr. " "The images that we got included not only full frame portraits but also glimpses of caribou behavior not often recorded on film. Pre-migration groups of bulls came down past the camp every day. The first day they were as wary as any of their kind. The second day they visited knowing that humans occupied the site, and you could work much more closely with them."

"It often happened that they returned for a third day before moving on. And then, with a slow and respectful approach, you could get portraits with a wide angle lens without bothering them!"

"Tom told me that this was not always the case, which is part of why he worked out the "dance with the caribou" that is so effective on the open tundra. But when they wake you up gnawing on last year's dropped antler 15 feet from your tent, how hard can it be?"

Caribou against an arctic sunset - Photo by Bill Silliker, Jr.



"In addition to the caribou, we photographed musk-oxen...,"




"Arctic hare and several species of birds...,"

"not to mention the Northern lights."

"A final comment: Tom's guides Terry and Dwayne are the best wilderness guides I've ever known. If I ever got lost in the bush, I'd want to have one of them come looking for me!"

- Bill Silliker, Jr.


In Memory Of the 'Mooseman' from Maine:

 SACO - William L. Silliker, Jr., 56, of Meadow Lane, passed away on Monday, Oct. 13, 2003, in Baxter State Park near Roaring Brook in Millinocket.  He was born on Sept. 25, 1947, in Medford, Mass., a son of William L. Sr. and Ruth Logan Silliker. He graduated from Sanford High School in 1965 and from Nasson College in Springvale in 1969.   Bill photographed nature, particularly wildlife of the northern forests.  His books include author/photographer: Moose - Giant of the Northern Forest (Key Porter/Firefly Books, 1998) - photographer: Just Loons (Willow Creek Press, 1998); author/photographer Maine Moose Watcher's Guide (R.L. Lemke, 1993); photographer: Just Eagles (Willow Creek Press, 2000); author/photographer: Uses For Mooses (Down East Books, 2000) and author/photographer: Saving Maine (Down East Books, 2002).  Mr. Silliker's monthly columns included Portland Sunday Telegram, Maine Sportsman magazine, internet magazine and a variety of articles for Nature Photography, Outdoor Photographer, Maine Boats and Harbors magazines.  His workshops included teaching wildlife and nature photography: for LL Beans Outdoor Discovery Schools since 1992; and Great American Photography Weekends.  Mr. Silliker's lectures were regularly held for camera clubs and other groups sponsored by Fujifilm Professional as a member of the Fuji Talent Team.  His television/productions, where he hosted and co- produced 'Special Places', a nature show that aired weekly on Maine Public Television from 1995-1997. In partnership with videographer Steve Pulos, Mr. Silliker formed a video production company, P.S. Heminway Inc., to create the videos: You Just Have to Love Bears, Maine's Magnificent Moose, Loons of the Northern Forest, Sea Birds of the Maine Coast and The Story of Baxter State Park: Nature at Peace, marketed by Down East Books of Camden, Maine. Mr. Silliker's photographs have also been featured on ESPN, Discovery Channel, NBC Today Show, CSPAN's BOOKS TV and on various regional television stations.  Bill's other activities included Animals Animals/Earth Scenes and The Images Finders, stock agencies represent some of his work. He co-chaired the Ethics Committee of North American Nature Photography Association from 1994-97, its Resource Relations Committee from 1997-99, and its Board from 1999-2002. He's a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. He served on the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Nongame Advisory Council from 1992-98. He was the founder and first president of Friends of Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge from 1987-89 and remained on its Board.  He was predeceased by his mother, Ruth Logan Silliker on June 17, 2002. He is survived by his father, William L. Silliker Sr. of Englewood, Fla. His wife of 34 years, Maryellen Montuori Silliker of Saco; one sister, Elizabeth Scott of Freemont, N.H.; several nieces and nephews.


Farewell Bill - we hope that the photo shoots are good up there!



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