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Professional Cinematographer
Beth Davidow

All photography on this webpage (unless otherwise indicated) is copyrighted to Beth Davidow - all rights reserved

In 2015 & 2016 we were proud to host professional Cinematographer Beth Davidow, who traveled from Arizona USA up to Nunavik Canada to first join two weeks of our 'Musk-ox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' wildlife expedition in 2015, and then returned again last summer to join another two weeks of our 'Great Summer Caribou Migration' expedition. She was there in an attempt to get some stock footage of musk-oxen and migrating caribou herds on the tundra. As you will see - she got into the musk-ox & caribou in a big way! This is what Beth had to say about her northern filming trips with us:

Beth Davidow in Nunavik
photo copyright Isabelle Dubois

The 2015 Autumn Musk-ox & Northern Lights Expedition



"It's hard to believe it's been only two weeks since I left that beautiful location, high up on the Canadian tundra of Nunavik - north of Kuujjuaq!"




"I can still feel the breeze blowing across the dwarf birch, rocky eskers, and red bearberry."


A rocky esker in autumn color near the musk-ox camp - photo by Thomas Groening




"I loved the absolute silence and endless vistas of lakes and glacially-scoured landscape up there -





- and the camp was situated in a location to really take advantage of the area's special beauty."


Nnorthern lights on the Nunavik tundra photo copyright Andrew Blomfield - click to enlarge

The glorious aurora, reflected in the calm water of the lake, danced across the sky for us almost every night in magical light shows.""

"I stayed at the camp for two back-to-back trips and am glad I did!"

"Having that many more days to hike out on the tundra, to sit quietly in the company of a herd of muskox (a safe distance away, of course!) was a wonderful experience!"
"As a professional wildlife cinematographer it was important for me to be able to film these animals going about their daily lives unaffected by our presence."


Click photo to check out Beth's awesome video clip of two musk-ox bulls challenging each other on the Nunavik tundra in September 2015!


Photographers watch a bull musk-ox on the Nunavik tundra - close enough! Photo copyright Lessli Stong - all rights reserved

"Our guides ensured our safety around the animals while keeping their well-being uppermost."

"After a day out on the tundra, we devoured the delicious meals the staff prepared for us."

Beth dining at the musk-ox camp - photo by Tundra Tom



"It would take little to lure me back to this beautiful place, with a group of my clients, to spend another autumn with the muskox of Nunavik and Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures!"

Beth Davidow
Beth Davidow World WILD Productions
Prescott, AZ


The 2016 Caribou Migration Expedition:


"This summer I returned to Nunavik, where last year I enjoyed two back-to-back “muskox, autum colors, and aurora” trips with Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures (GCWA). This time I went for the “summer caribou migration” trip doing, as before, two back-to-back trip. As a professional wildlife cinematographer, my goal was to get footage of the migration so being on location for as long as possible is important. But also as a professional wildlife image-maker, my goal is  to be in the wilderness, to experience the sense of place, and to ensure that my footage represents the truly wild."


Exploring with GCWA on the caribou route / photo copright Mariela Urra


"Twenty years of being in this business has brought major changes, not the least of which is photography being done with captive models, which result in close-up images of “wildlife.” I’ve witnessed how photographers now often expect “wildlife” to be in a place right on schedule, up close, and available “on-demand.” For me, a big part of being a wildlife cinematographer is having the opportunity to be in a wild landscape exploring all of its nuances. While my business focuses on “getting the shot,” my spirit requires the wilderness to recharge & reconnect.  GCWA trips fit the ticket on both counts, which is why I’ve returned, and will continue to do so."





"Inuit canoe expeditions upriver or hikes across the spectacular glaciated landscape with our guides brought us into breathtaking scenery."




Traveling in Inuit freighter canoe

"We viewed black bears..,"








"peregrine falcons..,"

A peregrine falcon in flight / photo copright Mariela Urra

"and wolves!"




"Tundra flowers and berries...,"




Flowering fireweed in Nunavik

Northern lights on the Nunavik tundra / photo copright Mariela Urra




"aurora dancing in the night skies..,"






"and dining on freshly caught Arctic char immersed us in this timeless panorama." "


Inuit guide Mark with Arctic char for dinner

Dining on the caribou migration trip / photo copyright Colin Leech-Porter




"As a cinematographer, and someone who needs wilderness to restore my soul, all of that makes up the story of being on one of these trips. Having a comfortable camp, with good food and camaraderie makes it even more special."




The 2016 caribou migration camp situated among Inuit char fishing shacks along a tidal river on the Ungava Peninsula in Nunavik

Caribou gathering for a water crossing

"Of course, Nature doesn’t always run as we expect and timing might be a bit off. But, that is wilderness. That is true wildlife. That is what being a wildlife professional is all about: working with the best outfit that knows the area & animals, maximizing your time on location (which is why I always do back-to-back trips), and knowing that, even though I may not get that “money shot, I’ll have had a fantastic wilderness experience where my spirit reconnects to the natural world. Thankfully, Tundra Tom and GCWA know the right places, the right timing, and have the right operation to be in the right place not only for that experience, but also to get the money shot!"

"The caribou migration was no exception: we could see the tracks worn into the rocky hillsides and across the tundra where caribou hooves have etched their mark into the landscape from ages of migrating on these very paths."

Caribou trails on the tundra of the Ungava Peninsula


The 2016 Great Summer Caribou Migration

Check out this fantastic new video footage filmed in August 2016 by cinematographer Beth Davidow on the remote Ungava Peninsula in Nunavik Canada. Click photo to see the short video!


Click photo to enlarge



"When the caribou arrived, cresting the hills above camp, flowing down the slopes towards their river crossings, we were waiting..."




"For two days, we watched, photographed, filmed – and just enjoyed – the natural wild beauty of this endless cycle as throng after throng of caribou passed by us."

"I’m already planning my next trips with GCWA!"

Beth Davidow
Beth Davidow World WILD Productions
Prescott, AZ


Beth Davidow hiking and filming among the migrating caribou in 2016 / photo copright Mariela Urra


All photos on this webpage - unless otherwise indicated - are copyrighted to Beth Davidow World WILD Productions - all right reserved


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