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Global Adventurer
Stuart Bell

In September 2013, we had the privelege to accomodate traveler Stuart Bell who came to northern Canada all the way from New Zealand. Stuart traveled with his mates Brad Glass and professional photographer Peter Carter who came all the way from Australia to join our autumn wildlife expedition trip to see caribou, musk-oxen and northern lights.

Stuart had this to say about his 2013 wildlife expedition with us to the Far North of Canada:

"Caribou, Autumn Colours and Aurora"...

"I'm guessing most people around my age have a "bucket list" or have perhaps thought of, dreamt of, going, being somewhere far from most people's reality: somewhere remote, distinctly different, wild, untamed, feral..."


It was with great pleasure and amusement that I met Tundra Tom as we landed in the Barren Grounds of Northern Quebec and as I sucked in my first breath of frigid Northern Hemisphere air that moment of reality and my "bucket" being ever more full, I smiled inside and out."




"I knew and it certainly felt we were "far away" from most peoples reality when the Twin Otter departed and we were left standing on the coloured tundra in this vast continent, the small cabins next to the sub-artic lake, I was on a euphoric high and I smiled again, inside and out."


"There's no guarantees however that nature will play its part and although I was somewhat concerned that the weather would spoil this Aurora party you had to also wonder about the animals...this is needle-in-a-hay-stack country, it is infinitely daunting." 




"The only single guarantee was that Mother Nature would herself transform the landscape and saturate us with vibrant autumn colour."



"Expectations of this being an "animal at every turn" would be foolhardy and the only reality left was that we were going to have to "sing for our supper" and throw on those tramping boots and get out amongst it.  The cake was certainly baked and if only the obligatory 'Lady Luck' would show up and ice it...if only..."




"The end of the trip was threatening and there had been a couple of Wolf and Bear sightings, even an Artic Hare, lots of Ptarmigan, numerous other bird species." 



"Mother Nature was changing the landscape palette daily and we'd only just glimpsed the painted northern skies but the thoughts of leaving this place without unearthing the now seemingly phantom like Barren Grounds Musk Ox or Caribou or the visual exhibition of the Northern Lights was troubling me to the point of self obliteration. I needed to see this stuff of books I'd read, images I'd seen, David Attenborough documentaries I'd watched, time and time again; I needed it like you need the air to breath, the water you drink, so come on Lady Luck!"


"September 11 2013, two days before retreating to Kuujjuaq and the reality of defeat will be a day that forever will be be etched into my very core.  En-masse they arrived, the Musk Ox, on a hillside opposite the camp on the other side of the lake."


"You would never see them from the camp with the naked eye.  But there they were and there we were, face to face for hours watching, 100 meters or so apart, shutters happily clicking away." 
"I wondered for a while what the rest of the world was doing while I was lying amongst the tundra and rocks, snow gently falling, self absorbed, I didn't care." 




"Tom had spotted a herd the previous day from his Cessna and that was all the encouragement we required. Our stellar guides did the rest.  But Lady Luck was not done and the rest of the cake was about to be iced..."


"That same day, long after the sun had set the wind departed along with the cloud and as the crescent moon dropped behind the crest of the ridge the painted skies of the far north I'd so longed to see put on a performance that every opera singer in the world and all the fireworks together could not hope to match this phenomenon." 



"Stunning, breathtaking, extravagant no amount of expression could describe the immeasurable light show dancing, shimmering at will high above us, this was photoshop on steroids, you had to be there, period!"
"With this bucket list ticked we bounced down the gravel runway heading for home engines labouring with a feeling of smugness, did I care at that moment we could plummet into the icy lake bet!!"




Stuart Bell
Lake Taupo, New Zealand


All photography on this webpage is copyrighted to Stuart Bell - all rights reserved


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