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Nature Photographers
Steve & Suzanne Barger

All photography on this webpage is copyrighted to Steve & Suzanne Barger: all rights reserved

Steve became seriously involved in nature photography in 1990, when he and his wife, Suzanne, took their first nature photography workshop in the Eastern Sierra region of California. Since then, they have traveled to many areas in North America, to southern Africa, and to Arctic Europe.   Suzanne has also been involved in nature photography since 1990. Together, they have been on a number of nature photography workshops with some of the most noted nature photographers in the field. They have been able to learn from the experts and now combine that knowledge with their own personal vision to produce their unique images.  Recently, Steve and Suzanne have begun to work with Jividen's "Naturally Wild" Photo Adventures. Here, Steve is a field instructor and co-leader for some of their most popular workshops. Steve brings the technical expertise from his engineering background, his teaching skills in both classroom and workshop settings, and the creative eye needed to make his images not only technically correct, but also dramatic and unique.  Suzanne documents the workshop experience itself. She researches the cultural and natural history of the workshop location, adds her own images as well as those by workshop staff and participants, and combines these together to produce a CD that participants can enjoy by reliving their workshop experience, and sharing it with others.  Steve and Suzanne live in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Steve Barger on a shoot

In addition to their work with Jividen's "Naturally Wild" Photo Adventures, they regularly travel and shoot stock photography. Together, the Bargers exhibit and sell their images in a variety of fine art galleries and showrooms. Their photography has been featured on Web Pages and in advertising brochures. They also have corporate assignments and present slide shows, film and digital, of their images. Steve and Suzanne are members of the North America Nature Photography Association (NANPA) and the Nature Photographer's Network (NPN). Steve is a contributing writer for the NPN and f/8 & Being There. Suzanne has been published in the Nature Photographer's Network. 

We at Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures were proud to have accommodated photographer team Steve & Suzanne Barger on our 'Dance with Wolves' trip,  and two weeks of our 'Musk-ox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' a few seasons later. 

Steve had this to say about his trips with us:

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"Hi Tundra Tom!  We were glad we got to spend 2 weeks with you and your top-notch staff this past August & September on the barrenlands!" 



"Staying there for two weeks provided us with opportunities to watch the tundra change from green and brown...





" spectacular red, yellow and orange."




"We also experienced about every type of weather, from rain and wind to snow showers to clear blue skies."




"We got some great photographs of the Northern Lights which we saw every clear night..."




"...and of mirror reflections on the esker kettles."




Inukshuk marker on upper Thelon - likely eons old



"The time you spent telling us about the land, its history and people and your experiences there, gave us an even deeper appreciation of this magnificent wilderness." 



"Being on the 'Barrens' with Inuksuit, musk-ox, caribou, wolves and even a wolverine, was truly unique." 

Cross fox kit near basecamp


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"We especially appreciated the efforts you and your staff made to "go the extra mile" to provide us with the best opportunities, including the overnight stay at a 'spike' camp, where we got to see several herds of caribou at the water crossing just outside of the camp."


\"Locating musk-oxen from the plane and stalking them on the ground was unforgettable!"

Musk-ox staring in the autumn colours


"The staff was awesome. They made great meals and were terrific guides and naturalists. Thanks for a great trip!! We are looking forward to our 3rd trip to "the Barrens."

- Steven & Suzanne Barger

]East Arm 'Kermode' bear - a white black bear on a remote island in the NWT. Taken by photogpraher Steve Barger on a 'Dance with Wolves' trip


Click to learn about the 'Caribou, Autumn Colours & Aurora' trip on which Steve & Suzanne Barger participated



All photography on this webpage is copyrighted to Steve Barger: all rights reserved.  If you would like to get a hold of Steve to purchase some of his prints or learn about the workshops he leads, contact

Steven & Suzanne Barger
Cincinnati, OH  


Steve smiling at the Great Canadian basecamp


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