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Wildlife Photographer Art Wolfe

All photos on this page copyright by Art Wolfe Inc., no reproduction without prior permission

Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures was proud to have accommodated world leading wildlife photographer Art Wolfe and his associate Gavriel Jecan. Art and Gavriel joined us for a two-week period in the early summer on a custom professional photography trip in an attempt to photograph one of the most difficult of situations; an active white wolf den during the years that we were operating in the remote Thelon barrenlands of the Canadian Arctic.
Photographer Art Wolfe
tundra wolf on skyline / copyright Art Wolfe Inc.
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Art accomplished this remarkable trip to obtain photos for his new book titled "The Living Wild" which is a compendium exploring the state of nature at the turn of the millennium.


This book will also feature essays by leading conservationists Dr. William Conway, Dr. George Schaller, Dr. Jane Goodall, John Sawhill, and Richard Dawkins. "The Living Wild" will feature key species in their habitat and Art hopes to include images from this trip in the book.

peregrine falcon / / copyright Art Wolfe Inc.

Wolf pup peeking / / copyright Art Wolfe Inc. click to enlarge


This page represents some of the photo 'outs' that Art was kind enough to donate to this website after his trip - nice, eh? Above left - wolf pup peeking out on a island forest on a remote tundra lake. Art, Gavriel and GCE guide Dave camped here overnight. The Peregrine falcon (above right) co-operated at the same site.


Art Wolfe wrote this about his wolves' trip with us:

"Great Canadian has opened the gateway to the amazing and austere beauty of the boreal Thelon country.."

caribou antlers & tundra sunset  / copyright Art Wolfe Inc.
Boat cruising the Arctic in search of wildlife / / copyright Art Wolfe Inc.


"Skilled and accommodating guides provided creature comforts throughout our photographer-customized trip."


"The rugged landscape not only offered unparalleled natural beauty.. but an incredible diversity of wildlife."

Double rainbow over tundra esker system / / copyright Art Wolfe Inc.
Double rainbow over a tundra esker system


Three owls at 'Dance with Wolves' site / copyright Art Wolfe Inc.


Cross fox and kit on upper Thelon / copyright Art Wolfe Inc.


"I valued my time spent in Thelon country as a visit to one of the most impressive scenic locations in all of North America."

- Art Wolfe

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All photos on this page copyright Art Wolfe Inc., no reproduction without prior permission

Art Wolfe Inc.
Seattle, WA


Art Wolfe at the Great Canadian wildlife camp

Art Wolfe Returning North in 2017!

Art is returning to the Far North with us in July 2017, on a special private photo seminar to photograph tundra wolves' in the wild during the den cycle in Nunavik. If you are interested to join Art this summer, there are still a few seats left on his upcoming July trip - click photo to learn more!

Click on photo to check out this wonderful 'short'
video clip of remarkable den site activity of tundra wolves
& their pups taken on one of our wild wolves expeditions:


Click on photo to check out our newest 2015 video of
a beautiful tundra wolf at her densite in the remote
wilderness of Nunavik!



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