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Swedish Nature Photographer
Annika Brodén

All photos on this page copyright by Annika Brodén. No reproduction without prior permission.


Annika Brodén is an accomplished professional photographer from Sweden, whom spent three weeks with us on the tundra during the summer & early autumn. Annika has this to say about her trip with us...


Copyright Annika Brodén

"The Barrens is a truly magical place.."

A blackboard at camp welcomes us with the words:

"You are now standing on one of the most remote places on earth. If you ever wondered where the middle of nowhere is ... you just found it, and it´s a magical place.."

"Traveling the world I have seen many places, but only a few truly captured my heart. It´s like friends.. most of us have lots of acquaintances and few friends. To me the barrens became a friend that I would like to keep for the rest of my life. An experience is like a puzzle, where the pieces consists of where you go, who you meet, what you do and how you feel about it. In the north it´s the landscape, the wildlife, the guides and other guests, and of course Tundra Tom."
 Tundra Tom - photo by Annika Brodén


"Tundra Tom is a legend in the north because of his long experience and passion for the land. I don´t think I´ve ever met a man with such burning passion for what he is doing. He doesn't live there just to make a living - he lives there because the Barrenlands stole his heart away and now it´s his life - like photography is mine, and as every coin that comes with good and bad. If you are looking for someone to show and teach you about the land up north, you can´t find a better interpreter. When Tom picks up an old book from his extensive library and tells the stories of the past you are swept away. The long past spirits are once again alive, for as long as Tom keeps telling us their stories of their way of life. Many of them have not been written down yet.. Tom lived them, but I hope one day he will share his memories and knowledge in a book. To me, his stories made a big difference. They taught me the history, the old way of life and the present threats of the tundra that tied my total experience together."

"The landscape and the wildlife can't be described properly with words. You would have to use that many adjectives that it would look ridiculous in a sentence, that is why I prefer to work with my camera instead of words to reflect it. No one leaves the Barrens without being touched by it. The feeling of being that far from civilization, living closer to nature - except for the cheating of living in a comfortable camp with hot showers and served meals - affects everybody. It gives you peace in mind and really relaxes your body. It changed a lot for me, especially my values of what is important in life." Tundra autumn landscape - Photo by Annika Brodén

"Imagine a warm summer night, it's almost midnight and the sun is just setting. The sunset seems to last forever (just like home for a woman from Sweden) and the sky is glowing as if it was made of gold. Down by the beach two silhouetted caribous roam. They haven´t even noticed your presence. You are free to enjoy the experience of true wildlife up close."


"Another day you hide out from the wind on "the hill", spending a few hours to look for the inhabitants of the Barrens. Suddenly a fluffy white and gray tail catch your attention. From behind an old fur tree, bent by many years of hard wind, a tall white wolf turns up, a few hundred feet away. All of a sudden you are alone with one of the world's most mythical animals in its natural habitat- the white wolf. It is such a privilege to experience true wilderness!"


Caribou silhouette - Photo by Annika Brodén

"Finally the last, but very important, piece in my puzzle are the guides and the other guests. I admire the guides that spend every waking moment to make sure their guests experiences would be the best possible. Do I need to tell you they are doing an excellent job?"

"The other guests all have their story to tell of how they ended up there.. in the middle of nowhere... and since it´s not a place where everybody goes, the ones that do are usually very interesting. I made a few friends that I hope to keep for a long time. Some of my strongest memories are seeing my first wolf ever with Debbie and Jerry, meeting Jaci a woman so full of warmth and love that we all cried when she left us ... Watching a heard of seventeen musk oxen for three hours with Randy - born on the Swedish national day (6 of June)..." Musk Ox - Photo by Annika Brodén


Ptarmigan on the tundra - Photo by Annika Brodén



"...and of course hiking the Barrens with Lee and Jim, calling ptarmigans and enjoying every moment of life a hundred percent. Since then Lee has become my mentor. He really is a brilliant photographer and I admire him and his work immensely! I could go on forever and tell stories of the wonderful people that I met in camp.."


The Barrenlands' vast landscape beholds a special energy that is hard to describe, it is magical, it is spiritual.. you have to experience it!"

-Annika Brodén

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