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Canadian Nature Photographer & Artist
Adele Curtis

Adele Curtis is a photographer, singer and song writer who has shared her slide and live music presentations with over 400 audiences since 1988. Adele teaches workshops in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Adele has co-taught with Sharron Milstein, Manfred Forest, James R. Page and with Courtney Milne, author of  'The Sacred Earth'.  Adele's teaching is instructional and inspirational. Her workshops are designed for photographers of all levels. The emphasis of Adele's workshops is on enhancing experience of the natural world.

Adele wrote the following about her autumn wildlife trips with Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures:

Rolling autumn tundra of the upper Thelon / Copyright Adele Curtis - all rights reserved

"The Tundra. A feeling of space, infinitely moving air, miniature gardens, tiny, enduring, huge and fragile.." 

"I have just returned from a photo week on the Canadian tundra. This sentence seems simple and yet within the basic meaning of those particular words there is magic, awe, peace, purity and an ecosystem full of unique life and diversity."  

Lichen growth resembling clouds on tundra rock / Copyright Adele Curtis - all rights reserved

Thelon sunest over lake / Copyright Adele Curtis - all rights reserved


"My week's adventure took place in the lakes, eskers & tundra of the Thelon River.  This river, declared as a Canadian Heritage River in 1990 - runs through the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary, a 21,000 square miles protected area: the largest in Canada." 


"My mentor and longtime friend Courtney Milne invited me to be part of his group of photographers and other artists in early September. We were fortunate to have good weather every day and to see the tundra plants change from summer to autumn colours." 

Crowberry growth from pure esker sand / Copyright Adele Curtis - all rights reserved

Evening caribou grazing on upper Thelon / Copyright Adele Curtis - all rights reserved

"Each day offered many options for hiking, boating, photographing and the hopeful search for wildlife sightings. In our group we had sightings of Musk Oxen, many caribou, peregrine falcon, gyrfalcon, ptarmigan, eagles, Harris sparrow, tundra wolf, yellow-billed loon, vole and the ground squirrel called Sic Sic." 

"For me there was also a special thrill in finding the fresh tracks of animals wolf pups, wolverine, fox, tundra wolf (right down the beach in front of our tents).  The programme also incorporates informative and moving presentations and field trips about the human history of the area aboriginal and European." 

Boulder amidst windblown dwarf birch trees on Thelon tundra / Copyright Adele Curtis - all rights reserved

The clarity of the atmosphere on the Thelon brings awesome sunsets and aurora displays / Copyright Adele Curtis - all rights reserved

"The staff I should say the people who enhance the experience of this special place are well trained and full of passion for their jobs. They are naturalists, wilderness first aid trained, cooks, hiking and boating guides. They tirelessly answered questions, were flexible and accommodating. And what amazing meals they produced from the funky kitchen!"  

"Tom, my thanks to you cannot be summed up easily. Your passion and devotion to this land is contagious. More specifically I want to say that I think you strike just the right balance in your programme with scheduled options, free time, natural history, human history both aboriginal and European.  Your hiring philosophy is perfect. Or maybe just the people who made up your staff this summer were perfect. It would be hard to imagine my week without Allicia, Terry, Andrew, Steve and Larry.  But then I guess I do believe that this is not chance and that your manner of hiring is what results in these kinds of individuals making up your team."

Adele Curtis

Weeds in Thelon esker pond / Copyright Adele Curtis - all rights reserved


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