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Join Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures on a choice of remarkable wildlife photography expeditions, photo workshops & natural history adventures to some of the most remote wilderness regions of Canada's Far North!

Photographers at sunset / copyright Robert Taylor
Photographers on an evening shoot in the Canadian North

Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures offers photography expeditions to the Canadian Arctic & sub-Arctic that are designed and carefully planned to provide quality photo opportunities for encounters with wild wolves, polar bears, the caribou migration, musk-oxen herds and nesting birds-of-prey in their natural habitat. We initiate and oversee these activities to make sure that they are conducted in a non-harassing, safe and ethical manner. If you would like to learn more about our field ethics - click here. Well-positioned wildlife camps, mobile tent 'spike' camps, watercraft and optional aircraft support allow us the flexibility to move to where the animals are.

The caribou herds of northern Canada are migratory animals. Their varied and often inconsistent movements across the tundra plains from season to season is critical for most other wildlife as well: wolves, fox, wolverine & birds-of-prey all follow, den, roost & hunt directly in rhythm to the movements of the caribou, as well as to the growing musk-oxen herds.

Summer caribou 'bunch' in Nunavut / photo copyright Terry Elliott

A caribou herd during the summer migration: Click to enlarge

A muskoxen herd on a tundra hillside in the Far North - click photo to enlarge / copyright Wendy Broekx - all rights reserved
A herd of musk-oxen in the Canadian Far North - click to enlarge
Prehistoric musk-oxen herds also often wander and graze near the special Arctic and sub-Arctic areas to where we operate our unique wildlife trips - encountering them is eminent on most of our wilderness expeditions.
The key to our success with unique and often close-up wildlife encounters for enthusiasts, photographers & film crews is our first-hand knowledge as to where the caribou, musk-ox and wolves are at any given time; and then our ability to launch quickly to access those areas of wildlife activity. Thus our quality mobile and efficient tent camps - combined with watercraft and aircraft allow us the flexibility to move to where the animals are.

A bull caribou & beaver aircraft taxing behind the wildlife camp in the Canadian north / photo copyright Galen Rowell - all rights reserved
A caribou & aircraft taxing to the wildlfe camp: click to enlarge

A bull caribou wanders closeby to the wildlife camp in the Canadian Far North
Our autumn wildlife basecamp in 2015
Our work begins weeks prior to each trip, when we arrange and monitor extensive aerial reconnaissance activity; consult with aboriginal elders and initiate overland explorations to find the best active den sites, wildlife grazing range and water crossings. Once located, we then set up first-rate wilderness tent camps within reasonable proximity to the featured wildlife. On occasion we are able to use existing facilities when available.

Check out our unique wildlife viewing & photography trips!

Mingle with Musk-ox

Winter Caribou & the James Bay Cree

Search for the Elusive Tundra Wolves

The Great Summer Caribou Migration

Polar Bears, Musk-oxen, Icebergs & Seals

Leaf River Canoe Expedition

Musk-ox, Autumn Colours & Aurora

A musk-ox bull in autumn colours - taken onthe Canadian tundra / photo copyright Christian Heeb
Autumn colors on the esker kettles on the barrenlands of northern Canada / photo by Irvin Skalemera

A northern lights display in Canada's Far North / photo copyright Steve Maka

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From the camps we offer a choice of daily escorted field programs initiated by overland day-hikes sometimes combined with watercraft to explore the incredibly remote area for wild animals, birds, archeological sites and to discover beautiful Arctic & sub-Arctic landscapes.

Our wildlife programs are suitable for all ages in moderate physical condition. On most trips you can expect day hikes of three to five km (2-4 miles) over relatively easy terrain, carrying a day pack with your own camera gear.

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Hikers and their trip leader discuss the route while looking for caribou /  photo copyright Nestor Lewyckyj - all rights reserved

Wildlife guide Tundra Tom heading out on the lake by boat with a group of clients in search of caribou, and for a day of shore crusing, hiking & exploring / photo copyright Nestor Lewyckyj - all rights reserved
Headed out for a day of shoreline cruising, hiking & exploring

Our photography expeditions are relaxed and informal, yet inspiring and educational. Rich natural and aboriginal history along with intriguing archaeology lend dimension and culture to the main features of wonderful wildlife encounters and incredible wilderness landscapes.
During the early summer, evenings in the Far North often bring incredible sunsets that can last for hours in the twilight of the midnight sun - the clarity of atmosphere here is truly amazing...

A photogprapher takes advantage of the sunset at midnight on the tundra of the Canadian Far North /  Photo copyright Alicia Kelly - all rights reserved
An evening midnight sun photo trip on the tundra

Night magic overhead during a campfire on the Canadian tundra - click to enlarge / photo copyright Donald Nord - all rights reserved
Night magic in the sub-Arctic autumn - click photo to enlarge

On clear nights in the late summer and early autumn when it starts to get dark again, we often have campfire gatherings to watch for remarkable displays of aurora borealis -

and wow, do we ever see them!

Since our aurora viewing trips occur during the beautiful tundra autumn period in fair weather amidst wonderful autumn colours and abundant wildlife - Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures is one of the only companies that offers high quality trips to see northern lights that are not taking place in the dead of winter and the extreme cold!



Check out our unique wildlife
viewing & photography trips!

Mingle with Musk-ox

Winter Caribou & the James Bay Cree

Search for the Elusive Tundra Wolves

The Great Summer Caribou Migration

Polar Bears, Musk-oxen, Icebergs & Seals

Leaf River Canoe Expedition

Musk-ox, Autumn Colours & Aurora



Female tundra wolf with pups in tow on 'Dance with Wolves' trip / copyright David Welling


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Christian Heeb

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