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Summer Caribou Migration 2016

The Great Caribou Migration from Beth Davidow on Vimeo.

"In August 2016 I joined Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures in Nunavik Quebec Canada, to observe & film the migration of the 200,000 Leaf River caribou herd as they migrated south from their northern calving grounds on the remote Ungava Peninsula. Following tracks & trails worn into tundra & rock, the caribou flowed down granite slopes to cross the river where our camp, a traditional Inuit location, was situated. Sitting quietly in brush on the opposite bank, hidden as best as possible from their view, I filmed this sequence in one long clip. Though stable on my Cartoni tripod, my RED DRAGON camera and Tamron 150-600mm lens were shaking in the strong wind. Being in this immense, peaceful wilderness to witness this enduring wildlife event was a privilege and I felt connected to the natural flow of Nature. When the caribou reached the shore where I, and my companions sat, they shook the water out of their fur and continued on their journey, trotting southward towards their wintering grounds. Next year, they will pass this very way en route to the calving grounds in spring... and again, in summer, we will have the opportunity to be there when they return in this endless ebb and flow of caribou seasons."

- Beth Davidow
Beth Davidow Worldwide Productions
Prescott, AZ

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Mmigrating caribou gathering to cross the Leaf River in August 2015.
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The 2014 Great Summer Caribou Migration in Nunavik, Canada

Click on photo to check out an on-line video taken by our clients during the 2014 summer caribou migration on the Ungava Peninsula!

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