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2015 Summer Caribou Migration - Leaf River Nunavik

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This short film clip was taken by clients Murray & Marcelle Douglas in mid-August
2015 while on the Leaf River Canoe Expedition in Nunavik, Canada. This was shot
during the later part of summer migration of the Leaf River caribou herd while on
their journey southward off the calving grounds - just as the cows and calves finally
met up with the bulls closer to the tree-line. By the most recent count conducted
by the Government biologists in 2016, there are still an estimated 200,000 (+/-)
caribou in the Leaf River herd, making it likely the largest and healthiest caribou
herd remaining in Canada.

Murray Douglas writes:

"We had over 500 caribou come through the camp on the evening that this photo was taken on the Leaf River.
It was an amazing experience to have these animals walking within about 10 metres of our tent and being
inquisitive rather than afraid. We sat on the bank and watched them swimming the river below us. The following
day we paddled around groups swimming the river as we carried on down. This trip was an amazing
experience for Marcelle and I..."

- Murray Douglas / Whangarei, New Zealand


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